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Tebow & Broncos best Roethlisberger & Steelers

Can TJ Yates get any love? The boy is fantastic!

posted by Landis at 10:54 PM on January 09, 2012

Only 2 Clean Brackets Out of 5.9 Million link to article

posted by Landis at 08:00 PM on March 29, 2011

Only 2 Clean Brackets Out of 5.9 Million

No perfect sheets.

posted by Landis at 12:51 PM on March 29, 2011

Rex Ryan Guarantees Super Bowl Victory

I look at it this way. Jets a six seed two years in a row, Doesn't sound like a SB champion, Green Bay not withstanding...

posted by Landis at 06:59 PM on February 25, 2011

Tiger Woods Will Break Silence Friday

ESPN reported that he ran the timing of his announcement by Accenture first. The company said that they liked the timing as a good intro into coverage of their event.

posted by Landis at 04:08 PM on February 18, 2010

Chad Ochocinco Kicks Extra Point for Bengals

That was beautiful!!

posted by Landis at 02:47 PM on August 22, 2009

Fan Leaves Stands in Ugly Confrontation with David Beckham

According to FIFA rules national call up takes precedent over any club play. Most thought he was at the end of his career and would not be playing for England in 2010.

Well everyone was wrong. Beckham is passing up a lot of cash to get himself in position to represent his country.

I think that trumps playing for the Galaxy...

posted by Landis at 03:48 PM on July 20, 2009

Texas Rangers Player Buys Supplements from BALCO Founder

Byrd was with the Nationals for a while. The guy who got popped with guns and drugs said he supplied the Caps and the Nats...hmmm?

posted by Landis at 11:22 AM on June 27, 2009

Texas Rangers Don't Allow Fan's 'Yankees Suck' Shirt

Hey I don't take my kids to MLB or NFL games because of the atmosphere. No I am not an Old Fuddy-Duddy!

posted by Landis at 05:48 PM on May 29, 2009

Big East Gets Three No. 1 Seeds in NCAA Tournament

What is the affect of having conference expansion? Marquette, Cincy, Depaul and others have joined power conferences. Lately the Mid-Majors havee't been as good IMO. BCS conferences have been gobbling up those guys who built up some of those less known schools.

posted by Landis at 12:09 AM on March 18, 2009

A-Rod from a Yankee view

Boli is very mild stuff, which I guess is why he went through no observable physical changes. roids

posted by Landis at 09:06 PM on February 17, 2009

Michael Lewis and the NBA's No-Stats All-Star

That article was an education. Thanks for the post.

posted by Landis at 02:03 PM on February 16, 2009

Troy Polamalu could have been a baseball player

I would hate to be a pitcher who brushed him back. Imagine him charging the mound!

posted by Landis at 03:05 PM on January 31, 2009

Bonds in the clear?

Here's a photo Bonds time line of historic homeruns starting in 1986. It didn't appear he got huge until somewhere between '98 and '01.

Interestingly enough, Babe Ruth started his career at 185lbs and ended it at 250lbs At one point near the middle he was a muscular 225.

posted by Landis at 10:31 PM on January 15, 2009

Bonds in the clear?

Actually Bonds biggest gains were in the years between 1993 and'96. He gained about 40 pouneds when he started a weight training program and hired a nutrionist. Some have said his hat size changed, but that is not true according to the equipment manager of the Giants. Fact is that until recently weight training was considered unwise for baseball players.

posted by Landis at 05:00 PM on January 15, 2009

Bonds in the clear?

He is facing 10 counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. I believe that if the "clear" is legal the perjury charge will go away.

posted by Landis at 11:58 AM on January 15, 2009

LPGA Tour will suspend memberships if players don't learn English

The LPGA needs to put its emphasis on developing American talent.

posted by Landis at 03:04 PM on August 27, 2008

Fantasy League Kicks Out Mike Holmgren's Daughter

Half of the time coaches don't know. How is she supposed have inside info?

posted by Landis at 02:12 PM on August 18, 2008

- The Big Hurt is back in the Bay Area and it's as if he never left -

I am glad I got to him first. SpoFi watch out for the DenZelko Shooters!

posted by Landis at 09:48 AM on April 25, 2008

Barry Bonds signs with Yankees!

I was going to post and April Fools' Bonds to Yankees joke on my site but I said nahh to many others will do it...

posted by Landis at 08:21 AM on April 01, 2008

Ultimate Fighting Robs The Cradle

As someone who has been working in kids soccer as a coach, referee and administrator for the past 9 years I will say this. Many kids are in competitive team sports for the wrong reasons. When they are put in individual sports and/or contact sports my experience is that over half kids shouldn't be doing it. What parents do their very young kids is not helpful to their families or their childs developments.

posted by Landis at 02:12 PM on March 28, 2008

Numbers prove Nelson is still King of the Wild

I would suspect that the international fields today are much stronger and more competitive than back in the '40s and '50s.

posted by Landis at 01:21 PM on March 28, 2008

Ultimate Fighting Robs The Cradle

Have suburban parents reached the point where they will risk anything so that their kid can be called an athlete?

posted by Landis at 08:51 AM on March 28, 2008

The NFL in the year 2000

The Byron Donzis Story...that would be gold, I am telling you gold!!

posted by Landis at 09:19 PM on March 24, 2008

Rotisserie baseball draft Saturday

I like the SABR stats and Rotisserie Leagues (with the exception of WHIP) does not use those. I love to play ESPN Baseball Challenge which is based on SABR scoring! We could set up a group there if anyone is interested. In any event watch out for the DenZelko Shooters!

posted by Landis at 11:39 AM on March 23, 2008

How to Tell When a College Basketball Game is Out of Reach

amateur congrats on being chef le mission..or whatever you call it!!!

posted by Landis at 10:54 AM on March 22, 2008

How to Tell When a College Basketball Game is Out of Reach

14 points down with three minutes to play is only 73% safe? Should be more like 95% IMHO. I like James baseball work though.

posted by Landis at 05:38 PM on March 20, 2008

NCAA tourney is the best, but it could be even better.

The opening game is gives two unknown teams a chance to be on TV.

posted by Landis at 09:19 AM on March 20, 2008

Stars and Pinstripes

As a UVA alum I am hopelessly jealous.As a Yankee fan I am proud.

posted by Landis at 02:16 PM on March 19, 2008

The Red Sox and Oakland open the season in Japan with Dice-K returning home to start.

Selig is paid, what $14M a year for this kind of stuff..get with it MLB!

posted by Landis at 02:08 PM on March 19, 2008

Rotisserie baseball draft Saturday

I signed up. I am really looking forward to my first rotisserie league action.

posted by Landis at 07:26 PM on March 18, 2008

Union to examine why Bonds has no offers

Bonds has the best eye in baseball. A team would be crazy not to take him. Plus he puts the meat in the seats...home and on the road.

posted by Landis at 07:23 PM on March 18, 2008

Anatomy of a trade.

I would imagine that 80% of trades are pretty simple deals and not so complicated. But the other 20%..oh boy!

posted by Landis at 08:50 PM on March 15, 2008

John Daly disqualified at Bay Hill

Can the PGA step in and keep tournaments from giving sponsors exemptions for a set period? I like the dude but a suspension might help...

posted by Landis at 12:27 PM on March 13, 2008

Get a Vasectomy, Enjoy More Roundball

So the day after lets say the NCAA Men's championship game...the search term vasectomy will be a hot trend on Google...Hmmm

posted by Landis at 02:44 PM on March 11, 2008

Back In The Swing:

There is more of his work here

posted by Landis at 01:59 PM on March 11, 2008

Pat Riley's scouting trip

The most interesting to me was..I forgot all about the KC Kings. They had some great players

posted by Landis at 10:59 AM on March 11, 2008

Sports Club Stats.

My Wizards have a 93.6% chance to make the playoffs??? Say what...I'll believe it when I believe it...

posted by Landis at 07:50 PM on March 10, 2008

8 OTs fail to decide hockey final.

I think our society has been over-caffinated...I blame Starbucks

posted by Landis at 11:29 AM on March 10, 2008