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Where have you gone Darius Miles?

Maybe the Clips should bring him back. After all, things can't get worse.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:29 PM on April 15, 2008

Brett Favre Retires

Rodgers is NOT the answer, they must draft the next Favre or acquire. They must do it now, or they could go 0-16.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:20 PM on March 04, 2008

The Buck Stops Here

Still can't believe he rooted for the Yanks in the 2006 playoffs (divison series), apathetic about the Redbirds. Jack was spinning in his grave.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:19 PM on March 04, 2008

If it's not one thing, it's another.

Amazing, the man last pitched in the World Series, which they one. Talking about going out a champ. Great. The arm should force him to stay like that in the history books, despite any resul of the contract fight.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 05:29 PM on February 07, 2008

Giants Win Superbowl!

excellent game, go g men. if they cheated, if they just did not deserve it, it is over, their dynasty, their season, their bid for perfection. Don Shula, sleep well tonight, God knows what amazing thing you did, and that is why the anvil fell on NE tonight. Sleep well, my friend.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:56 AM on February 04, 2008

Mets Get Santana

They still do have missing pieces, but I honestly believe he is enough for a pennant. They will win the NL East. Their only true obstacle is the Dodgers. The greatest (and probably impossible) obstacle to overcome for both is the Tigers. Think about it. Bad move for the Twins. Good move for the Mets, best moe for Santana, balls fly at the Dome, Citi Field is the opposite. It will probably help him put up bigger numbers. Oh well, let's see.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 09:42 PM on January 29, 2008

Adolf Hitler, Cowboys Fan

What won't people lay off this man. I have not lived inD allas, but I have visited the place. This man, Romo, deserves to have a sexually active life like other people. Heck, priests and bishops are sexually active these days, this is not Bear Bryant and waterboarding for one less push up. This is not Lombardi and effectively risking your life to play. This is 2008, not 1958 or 1968. I pulled for the Boys, but it is not the end of the world that they lost, it will be if the G Men win it all, even though that will make Shula commit suicide to end it for all, out of joy. I think we should let Romo sleep with Jessica Simpson, mind out own business, and sit in front of the TV on Sunday (if one is not attending or Church or some other activity on routine), and rrot for or against Romo and his gang.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 03:04 PM on January 29, 2008

The mighty hath fallen:

Right now, there are lots of people who purchased tickets for the men's final that are cursing the world. Expected: Nadal vs Federer Actual: Djokovic vs Tsonga That would be like wanting a Patriots vs Cowboys final and getting Jacksonville vs Seattle. I am calling Djokovic to win just because of common sense, like Sharapova tonight, even though Ivanovic is better on paper (and that is truth, Sharapova being more deserving is the other side of the coin). However, truth is that Nadal was imploded in a spectacular manner, Federer actually did get to kick and fight. However, Nadal was swept away like cremains. The margin of victory tells you Tsonga will win, but Djokovic is a very high seed, and he a lot of more experience, Tsonga's bio is just dismantling Nadal. However, if you are to look at margin of victory (and ignore whose better on paper or more deserving because of experience and seed), Tsonga would be the favorite in that category (somewhat like Ivanovic tonight, though she and Maria are similar players, and people have much higher expectations of Ivanovic and not Tsonga).

posted by SFValley_Dude at 07:00 PM on January 25, 2008

Tom Brady Wearing Walking Cast

Matt Cassel slowly rises from his chair. "I knew this day would come. I have spent many nights preparing for such a scenario, and many days waiting.... And now that it is here - I know I'm ready." (Quickly grabs pre-packed bag of essential items, fake passport and one-way ticket to Bora Bora) I dunno if Brady has gout or what, but he will take a few snaps against the G men and then go out. As for Cassel, rotf, from my hometown, I think he will go to the Dinka Tribe or Rio, somewhere extremely crowded or unable to reach. The Pats are suddenly heavy underdogs. If they win it, Cassel will win it, and he will rise like no other.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 09:52 PM on January 22, 2008

Rams owner dies after lengthy illness

I hope they will move back. They were abused because of the Raiders. They are now gone.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 01:39 PM on January 19, 2008

Rams owner dies after lengthy illness

May she rest in peace, despite disagreements over the relocation. I do not want to sound wierd, but what is the future of the franchise without Frontiere? is it in STL? Is it in Ed Jones Dome, if in the Gateway City?

posted by SFValley_Dude at 09:15 PM on January 18, 2008

Lambeau's changing landscape

Speaking of the area surrounding a football stadium, I recall the Los Angeles Coliseum, in Jefferson Park, South Central Los Angeles. My parents went to Rams games in the late 70's, and I went to Raiders games in the early 90's, and I go to USC games now (sometimes with my parents), but the area surrounding it seems to never change. It is so inviting, it seems to be telling you to come, that all people are brothers once inside that magical stadium.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:10 PM on January 17, 2008

How Do You Get to 16 - 0?

The same way the Dolphins got to perfection. You need a genius for a coach (Belichick = Shula).

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:10 PM on January 03, 2008

Nevermore! Ravens Fire Brian Billick

Martz if they desire to lose and get high draft picks, if they want to win, well, they should prepare to wait for a few months, unless they want John Fox.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 08:22 PM on December 31, 2007

Patriots are perfect 16-0

They join the 85 Bears and 72 Dolphins as unforgettable teams, if they win it all. However, the 1996 Chicago Bulls were the best team in pro sports history. However, that record is being scrutinized now as the Celtics roll.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 02:36 PM on December 30, 2007

Jonathan Papelbon's dog eats World Series winning baseball.

This is quite unusual. I really have nothign to say. It hard to prove either way. Maybe he just wants the ball and created an excuse.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 08:03 PM on December 20, 2007

Mitchell report is Out

Clemens is a macho SOB. he was my hero. He let me down. He was the only big name not leaked that needed to be leaked. Mitchell dealth with him good and disgraced him. He tarred and feathered, then hanged, drawn, and quartered by Mitchell, all of which he deserves for cheating to get the rings. They should take them from him, and all the others in the Report. It was disgusting how Olney and all those on ESPN defended these cheaters. They hsoul;d get spat at, especially Oney when he said 22 should be in the hof. Rose desrrves it more. 22 does not at all, or bonds or big mac.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 03:20 PM on December 14, 2007

Petrino quits Falcons to take Arkansas job

I think that nobody will ever know how good Petrino is or was, until he ever returns to the NFL. I the Falcons should go for young, cheap talent (such as rehiring Jim Mora's son, Steve Sarkisian, like the Raidas hiring Lane). The second thing they need to do is acquire a QB through the draft. They should go for Colt, but there are many bad teams waiting, like the Rams, among others, so JD Booty is another good option for them. Two mistakes the Falcons can make: hiring an egghead like Martz, and not drafting a QB.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 07:30 PM on December 11, 2007

Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel dead at 69

Growing up, he was everything we were not, and everything we wanted to be, in the early 1990's. RIP Evel.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 07:34 PM on November 30, 2007

World Cup 2010 qualifiers offer England revenge against Croatia.

Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Serbia, Italy, Holland, and Norway are my Top 14. Yes, I am a WC fan.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 06:50 PM on November 25, 2007

Who would be No. 1 now?

Cutler should not be in the Top 10. Jones-Drew, should be No. 1, if you look at the revised draft. I would put Addai at 2.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 03:30 PM on November 16, 2007

Who would be No. 1 now?

I say VY. None of these players will become instant legends like Big Ben, so I guess he is the best in the peck. I had a gut feeling HOu should have picked the homeboy, and I think Charley is blamed now, even though he got what he deserved, the cremation treatment.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:58 PM on November 16, 2007

Navy Beats Notre Dame In Triple Overtime

If Weis was a good gameday coach, why did they beat UCLA and lose to navy? It does not make sense. These odd things are like the Spartans meltdown agaginst Weis in the rain last year. Weis is the second coming of John L. Smith.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:36 PM on November 04, 2007

Navy Beats Notre Dame In Triple Overtime

I think that if ND loses more than 3 regular season games next year, he is toast after next season. I think the goal now is to make claussen the next Quinn, and they find out next year. If he loses four, Charlie's done. However, I honestly believ Claussen will win it all. Then again we look at Cat Osterman, a female softball player at Texas. When she arrived, it was predicted she would deliver 4 titles. She left Texas with 0.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 11:56 AM on November 04, 2007

Navy Beats Notre Dame In Triple Overtime

This is terrible. 43 years, and Weis lets it go down. I think he's toast, and I am not saying such decision is bad. I could tell from his face on TV today. FIRED was written all over his face.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:06 AM on November 04, 2007

Report: Dodgers hire Torre as manager; Little fired

Kurkjian says A Rod undoubtedly will land in the Ravine. There is a lot of talk that Pettitte or Rivera, more likely the former, will land here as well. 2008 will begin an amazing run for LA for at least three seasons I think.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 08:45 PM on October 30, 2007

This Just In: 'Alex Rodriguez is a Weasel'

The Towering Inferno fo Arrogance will eventually, most likely, leave people scratching their heads with his new team. If he joins the Angels, they are Yankees enemy #2, if he joind Boston, well it is Bambino other way around. If he joins the Giants, as most believe he will, he will join a former NY team, and former home of another albatross. If he joins the Mets, it is a disaster for the Yanks and Girardi to open the new stadium with MVP in the other new stadium. If he joins the Dodgers, he will join Torre and God knows how many ex Yankees there (Mattingly, Long, Thomson, and Olney is now reporting Pettitte is looking West, not to mention Tony Pena is in limbo right now). With the Cubs, he joins the man who was traded to get him into the hell he got himself into, plus his ex skipper/mentor/father Sweet Lou. If he joins the Phils, it is the team that nearly got him in 06. If he joins the M's again, the world is a time machine. The Marlins, and they are looking at title #3.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 04:30 PM on October 30, 2007

Report: Dodgers hire Torre as manager; Little fired

We in LA got a lot fire within us and so does Joe. It would be nice tin it all and see Girardi hallucinating and drunk, and help poor Donny Baseball reverse his curse and turn around his fortunes by winning a ring, mercifully. We will then have to dump him in the Lake where Babe threw the piano, or in LA culture, in the fountain of MacArthur Park.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 03:55 PM on October 30, 2007

Report: Dodgers hire Torre as manager; Little fired

Dude, I am in Northridge. I would be great because you could take the Orange Line to the Red Line, and the first stop of the Blue Line is South Park (I took this commute daily for two years). I wish myself. I believe it will eventually happen. I doubt McCourt will own this team 4 years from now. He will have to eventually buy the D Rays or some other bad luck franchise.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 01:17 PM on October 30, 2007

Report: Dodgers hire Torre as manager; Little fired The link is more perspective, but better than nothing. Also, the parking plan was very controversial, and it blew up and did not work. I think it caused many to wish we would sell the team ASAP to Wasserman, and get the new stadium in South Park over with (next to Staples). That would free up Chavez Ravine (after the implosion) for an NFL team.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:50 PM on October 30, 2007

Report: Dodgers hire Torre as manager; Little fired

Pardon me, the hitting coach's name is Kevin Long and it seems Thomson will be at first with third remaining unclear.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 11:18 PM on October 29, 2007

Girardi succeeds Torre in the Bronx

I just read on the internet that Torre and the Dodgers have been talking for months now, and that the Dodgers turned to Girardi out of desperation, and now that they are stuck with Little, Torre is answering Colletti's bell and is coming. Another site said that the Dodgers are the heavy favorites to get A Rod and that Boston will get should Colletti get cold feet. It also said that Seattle and the Angels are totally out of it now. Okay, I just went back and read that Mattingly is flying to LA because he has accepted Torre's offer to be Dodgers bench coach. These are no my words, I am just reading this. I just read agagin on the Journal News that Little has been fired. Torre will be in LA tomorrow morning, and will be named manager tomorrow. Mattingly is in LA right now and will be named bench coach in the news coference. THANK YOU GOD!!!!

posted by SFValley_Dude at 09:04 PM on October 29, 2007

A-Rod Opts Out of Contract

A Rod, in the very beginning will thrive in North Chitown like no star has in any city. However, this will be like a honeymoon, it will end very quickly. The Cubs and Bosox do not have the capability to get him, and the M's seemed to have fallen out. There are a few things I wonder though: with Bonds gone and the A's out of the running, how much money will the Giants hold for A Rod, could a likely Torre regime in LA cause Colletti to send Nomar and Kent to the gallows, as he intends with Gonzo, to be able to get A Rod at the request of Torre, and with Stoneman out of the general picture, will the Angels give in and create a TV channel, and thus seal the deal to lure A Rod to the OC? These questions really fuel the mind, and it seems harder to imae how Buster Olney said so easily that A Rod will don the black and orange.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 08:35 PM on October 29, 2007

Red Sox win World Series

Correct, the 97 Marlins. Then they should be added to the 02 Angels. You get one or two teams every decade which are like this. I honestly believe there will be one of these teams winning again this decade since there seems to be at least one these teams every few years. As for the Celtics, since this always works for basketball, so I where it will go. Next summer will be odd, if Boston has three titles: an NBA title, a WS title, and a Lombardi Trophy. Here in LA in 02, we had a WS title in Anaheim and an NBA title and everybody was was hollering endlessly. It was good time to be in LA then. Everybody got up in the morning, got in the car, and turned on some sports radio. I remember in the summer of 01, I was listening to some talk radio and they were saying how exciting it would be in LA in about a year, since the Angels had announced they would make a one year run, and the Lakers seemed to be in a league of their own, and a three peat was already being foreseen.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 07:19 PM on October 29, 2007

A-Rod Opts Out of Contract

Mike Lowell has 3 things ARod doesn't, class, will, and dedication. So true. I think that Oakland and Seattle (which are all but done with A Rod) are the only two places he can thrive in, because there are few fans, and no desire to win. With the A's, most of the fans are i n the Stockton-Tracy-Modesto area or in SJ, and do not bother to attend games. They just root from home.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 07:10 PM on October 29, 2007

Girardi succeeds Torre in the Bronx

I actually believe Bobby Valentine could have done a very good job with club. However, people always remember him as a choke, as an Art Howe or a Ken Macha. I hope he eventually gets a good job.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 03:02 PM on October 29, 2007

Red Sox win World Series

I think the city of Boston is in for a treat. The Sox win, the Pats look like they are in a different league, the Celtics are coming, though they seem to be built for a year, but that stuff works in NBA (1999 Spurs and 2000 lakers, hough continued to roll. It is does not work in the MLB for some reason (06 Tigers, 06 Mets, 02 Angels, though they won, the 07 Angels).

posted by SFValley_Dude at 02:47 PM on October 29, 2007

Red Sox win World Series

What is so amazing that 18 players, including some big names like Lugo and Drew won their first ring, while 10 already had one, most of them from 2004. The man with the most rings is Timlin, who won #4, and Schilling now has 3. Lowell and Beckett got their second.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 01:20 PM on October 29, 2007

Girardi succeeds Torre in the Bronx

He obviously was not the best candidate. Buster Olney on ESPNEWS says this might cause Posada to want to come back for a good chunk of money. The same for Rivera. Olney seems certain that Clemens and Pettitte are gone for good. However, the money problem still remains. ABC News is reporting Grady Little has been fired and the Dodgers will name Joe Torre as manager. Olney is also reorting that Lucifer (Boras) has successfully negotiated a deal for A Rod with a club. He says he expect a signing of the contract and an introduction to be way sooner thn we think. Olney says that all indications point to that club being the SF Giants. Anothe thing, the Ny Post is claiming that the Dodgers will fire Grady Little, and that Joe Torre wil be named manager.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 01:12 PM on October 29, 2007

Torre headed to Chavez Ravine

If you combine them, please do. I don't know how to.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:58 PM on October 29, 2007

A-Rod Opts Out of Contract

As I said before, it will take a lot for A Rod to get to Boston. The LA Times reported a few months back that talks between Stoneman and Lucifer (Boras) had ended with no deal. The LA Times went on to report that the Dodgers were intent on signing a handful of big name players, but passing up on A Rod, as well as Bonds (though talk of Bonds coming was very short). They had to give up Kent and Garciaparra for A Rod, which they did not want to (Colletti did not want to). Luis Gonzalez will likely be gone, which is going to alleviate their payroll to sign big name players. Torii Hunter, Andrew Jones, Mike Cameron, Bobby Abreu, and Adam Dunn were all options on the table. HEre is a list fo all outfielders available this offseason: Bobby Abreu NYY Moises Alou NYM Barry Bonds SF Milton Bradley SD Mike Cameron SD Brady Clark SD Jeff DaVanon OAK Adam Dunn CIN Darin Erstad CWS Luis Gonzalez LAD Shawn Green NYM Eric Hinske BOS Torii Hunter MIN Geoff Jenkins MIL Andruw Jones ATL Bobby Kielty BOS Rob Mackowiak SD Orlando Palmeiro HOU Corey Patterson BAL Aaron Rowand PHI Reggie Sanders KC Sammy Sosa TEX Brad Wilkerson TEX

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:57 PM on October 29, 2007

A-Rod Opts Out of Contract

The chance of A Rod in BOS is about 10%: a lot of guys need to go- Lowell and the 2004 hero to begin with. I can see SF and OAK getting him, as well as the Cubs (though their chances are a tad less). The Mariners are right now in the best position, and have capability to sign him tomorrow. I honestly believe that is where he will land. I wish he came to the Bay. A Rod has two great regrets: the first is leaving Seattle, and the second is not joining and the Sox and getting two rings. I think he will first try to correct the second mistake, see it is impossible, then try to fix the first (which I believe he will succeed in). However, the Cubs are the only team in my list to have any shot at a title. However, with the M's, I think he will eventually make it to the Series or ALCS, but lose.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:31 AM on October 29, 2007

Chargers to play at Qualcomm as scheduled.

Well moving it was the least they could do, but not Houston. They should have found a neutral site.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 11:03 AM on October 27, 2007

Chargers to play at Qualcomm as scheduled.

It is okay. This is just not right. People have died, this is not over. There is smoke everywhere here in LA. I thought it would be nice to those who lost everything to postpone this game. I also think the evacuees are more important than a football game. I nearly lost my home 3 times now to wildfires. It is not fun. No matter how it is painted, if I were an evacuee being moved all the way to Del Mar (which actually has les seasonable weather than Mission Valley), I would feel like cattle. I am sorry it has come to this, but I feel disgusted at the way those people are being moved for a three hour game.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:44 AM on October 27, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, Red Sox Fan

Matlock rules. Atalanta Braves-TBs culture. My dad loves the Braves. H always wishes it was 95. Rudy G picked the right team, although I honestly do not believe the Red Sox will pick up more than one game in Denver, and Game 3 is NOT that one game for sure, with Fogg on the hill. The only thing I wonder is who will pitch game 6, and should Sox lose, is beckett starting Game 7? Or will they just keep him for game 6, assuming they pick one up in Denver? It is really interesting, a fine World Series, unlike all of them after 2003. However, the Yanks got lucky then. 2002 was the last competitive World Series, although this one could get pretty lopsided should it not return to Boston. Then agagin, let the best man win!

posted by SFValley_Dude at 02:02 PM on October 26, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, Red Sox Fan

Abraham Lincoln, for starters. His team, the Springfield Splitter Nine, won three consecutive Mississippi River Area Rail Splitters League Championships. In fact, he was the last of the true owner/manager/player/mascot/beer vendors to play baseball. Alas, the league folded due to financial reasons due to the Eleventynundred Years' War. It was then when a drunk, penniless, drifting Lincoln was wooed into politics by a handsome fellow named "Mary" Todd. It's a fact! I heard he liked guys on TV once. No idea if it was joke or not.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 11:12 PM on October 25, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, Red Sox Fan

I will make a declaration: I will never vote for Hillary or Giuliani! They never rooted for my Rockies!

posted by SFValley_Dude at 06:47 PM on October 25, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, Red Sox Fan

Hillary is originally from North Cicago, so she should be a Cubs fan. I wonder if anybody really cares about the Rockies.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 04:35 PM on October 25, 2007

Chargers May Play Texans in Dallas

Living close to the fires, and seeing smoke even right now, this game should be played. It is not right, 8 people have burned to death, 100,000 are homeless. This is something like Katrina, with regards to displacement of families. However, the NFL is not even considering not playing the game. I read in the papers today that it will be played Monday in Houston or Dallas.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 12:56 PM on October 25, 2007

Chargers May Play Texans in Dallas

I wish it was in L.A.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 05:50 PM on October 24, 2007

Josh Beckett's Ex Sings Tonight's National Anthem in Cleveland

Johansson is currently single, from what I understand. I believe the last man to be with Biel is Jeter. Alba and Jeter were a pair for a very short time. Jeter and Crey were from 2000, although I heard he really loved her (they said it on NYC TV when I was visiting). Vanessa Minnillio is obviously now living with Nick Lachey.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 10:18 PM on October 18, 2007

Josh Beckett's Ex Sings Tonight's National Anthem in Cleveland

No no no, I mean I am a big fan of Who's the Boss. However, I like Milano as she is NOW. Plus she is a Dodgers fan, so the three all come together.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 08:20 PM on October 18, 2007

Torre Leaving New York After Turning Down Incentive-Linked Contract

Bold prediction: Mattingly will get hired. (sarcasm)

posted by SFValley_Dude at 04:48 PM on October 18, 2007

Josh Beckett's Ex Sings Tonight's National Anthem in Cleveland

I meant he will get fired up. It's strange because she would not sing if she was not from Ohio. Also, it seems like Josh has a knack for older girls, although I don't know if Hayes is older. Alyssa Milano is pobably my pick out of his list, Who's the Boss still rules. It IS good to be Josh Beckett. Also, Alyssa is a dodgers fan, so for me, even more to love about her. I guess Jessica Alba and Maria Sharapova are next on the list. However, Adam Levine would probably have a few words of warning about Sharapova.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 04:45 PM on October 18, 2007

Josh Beckett's Ex Sings Tonight's National Anthem in Cleveland

She seems good looking, and I don't know if it is alright for a man to say this, but Josh Beckett does not have problems with his looks himself. The thing that is is that she's from Ohio, and this is a strange thing. I think he will get fired and pitch better. BTW, can't totally blame the Tribe because Beckett's personal life should not interfere with the game. Another odd thing, she's older than Beckett. I wonder how that relationship happened in the first place.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 04:20 PM on October 18, 2007

A dark day as National Lacrosse League cancels 2008 season.

I hope this does not extend to the MLL.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 04:16 PM on October 18, 2007

Rockies Going to World Series


posted by SFValley_Dude at 07:59 PM on October 16, 2007

Rockies Going to World Series

I have gotten to push mute whenever Kruk come in spring, because I know he will pick the Yankees. He predicted A Rod to play for the Angels in 08. The LA Times said the other day he will almost certainly land with the cubs or mariners.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 05:29 PM on October 16, 2007

Rockies Going to World Series

I am a big Rockies fan. I do not mean to offend anybody. I am in Dodger Stadium every spring, and rooting for them. However, I have lived in Denver, and that team has grown on me. Believe me, the D-backs are a great club well deserving of all their victories this season. The Padres are also a great club, Bochy was an excellent manager, and Bud Black tremendously helped the Angels when he was in the OC. If the ALCS goes 7, the layoff is long to a point of worry. Because the AL team's blood will still boil. However, if the Indians end it in 5, then I don't think the layoff will be an issue. Just my two cents, I think the whoever wins the ALCS will do it in 6, which for the Rockies, is a little lesser evil than 7.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 05:26 PM on October 16, 2007

Rockies Going to World Series

Carroll rules. He got us in to get the Phils.

posted by SFValley_Dude at 03:12 PM on October 16, 2007