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Rio De Janeiro Awarded 2016 Olympics

so I guess we can't blame this on the Bush legacy?

posted by volfire at 04:23 PM on October 02, 2009

Rio De Janeiro Awarded 2016 Olympics

How about we give Chuck a Mountain Dew and send him to Washington? Racism, LMAO

posted by volfire at 02:57 PM on October 02, 2009

Joe Torre's final days with the Yankees

I brought the cubs up as a case in point . They also have a hefty payroll, and had either the best or second best record in MLB. Also got SMOKED in the first round of the playoffs. My point being you can buy they best pony on the track doesn't mean he can run. But it's always the coaches fault, right? is it wrong to ask the players to perfom comesurate with their salaries? Joe Torre moved on an took a mediocre team with half the money invested as the Yanks, and almost made the playoffs. So is it really the coach?

posted by volfire at 09:20 AM on January 29, 2009

Joe Torre's final days with the Yankees

Wow You guys sound like Cubs fans.

posted by volfire at 05:57 PM on January 28, 2009

Zambrano fires no-hitter!

The playoffs haven't started yet. GO SOX!

posted by volfire at 07:02 PM on September 15, 2008

It's OK for the NFL to get you drunk, but not Charles Woodson

Anybody remember the game in Cleveland, where the players on both teams were pelted with miller lite bottles? Hipocrisy at it's best.

posted by volfire at 04:59 PM on July 22, 2008

Astros' Shawn Chacon Suspended After Fight with GM

GEEZ, not many Ex-military people here I guess! LOL!

posted by volfire at 03:29 PM on June 27, 2008

Astros' Shawn Chacon Suspended After Fight with GM

lmao AT "BREAK UP THE MARINES!" They are real men , paid ALOT LESS. Anyway he's looking for a new job now. The Astro's just released him. Try collecting on that paycheck.

posted by volfire at 04:48 PM on June 26, 2008

Astros' Shawn Chacon Suspended After Fight with GM

Hey Leave Ozzie out of this! LOL! For the money these guy's are getting payed to PERFORM, You mean to tell me a little assrippen once in a while is a big deal? Let me sign that contract. Call me anything you want just make sure the checks good. This is gettin to be more like little league every year.

posted by volfire at 11:15 AM on June 26, 2008

Who is going to replace Tiger Woods?

I still don't understand why he needs to be replaced. Did he die?

posted by volfire at 03:16 PM on June 24, 2008

George Carlin: (Late) Sports Authority

Good job Texas, I laughed my ass off! As a coach of the same age in baseball, and soccer, He could'nt have written it better> R. I. P. George. There will never be another.

posted by volfire at 03:14 PM on June 24, 2008

Fukudome doesn't find racist T-shirts in Wrigleyville funny

This Is excactly what's wrong with our country. No matter how offensive the shirt is, he has the right given by our way of life to sell it. And buy the way it, seems to be making him alot of money. If he wasn't selling alot of the shirts he would'nt have them. So the talkm of shut this guy down is worthless. What about the larger issue of people who are buying the shirts? Now they don't have the right to wear a t-shirt. Since when did we adopt a dress code in the USA?Or acorrding to shotput everyone needs to take a baseball test to go buy a ticket. Since when does one grouyp get to decide how and when someone else sees a baseball game? People go to baseball games to party and have a good time , NOT ALLOWED! STAY OUT! Only people who really understand the game are allowed in. And keep your Damn kids quiet, I am trying to watch a ballgame! Where does this end ? There is always someone who is going to disagree with something. That is part of our fundamental freedoms as Americans. When we start locking up people because of what they say or beleive, we as Americans lose the most precious of rights, our freedom.

posted by volfire at 01:26 PM on April 19, 2008

Jose Canseco Has 'Stuff' on A-Rod

HOLY SHIT! Canseco's out of Jail????

posted by volfire at 10:19 PM on March 26, 2008

"The chief executive officer of Tribune Company says he won't hesitate to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field

All that to just find out he's a freaking Card's fan??!!! No wonder he couldn'y get it.

posted by volfire at 01:21 PM on February 29, 2008

ESPN's Dana Jacobson learns the Internet is always listening

Christ, and I thought I had problems!

posted by volfire at 01:28 PM on January 29, 2008

Clemens Files Defamation Suit

OK, just for arguments sake how do you prove you shot some guy in the butt with steroids. And he willing bent over and accepted the fact that it was steroids, knew it and took the shot. Unless there are some audio tapes of him accepting steroids haow does McNamee prove his client knew what he was getting? I mean you had Bonds at one point saying he got some stuff just walking by somebody locker and decided to take it. How does a multimillion dollar athlete come to that decision?

posted by volfire at 01:46 PM on January 08, 2008

Clemens Files Defamation Suit

Does anyone have any ideas or opinions as to why no one else on the list has come out and fought so vehemently in their own defense? Bonds also tried a defamation suit and lost, but never used the media to his advantage, like Clemens did. As I see it the only one standing to make a gain on this is good ole Jose Canseco, New book , new names, maybe new investigation? Just makin some hay, LOL.

posted by volfire at 01:26 PM on January 08, 2008

Redskins' Taylor Shot by Intruder

neither does this blog. I'm going out to save someones life.

posted by volfire at 12:21 PM on November 27, 2007

Jets Fans Gather Each Halftime For 'Show Us Your Tits!' Ritual

When Hillary becomes President, she'll take care of this. Priority 1.

posted by volfire at 02:29 PM on November 21, 2007

Bonds will boycott HOF

I thought the whole thing funny, what better time what better place, bring all your guns and all your ammo and prove you belong there. HMM, no show, huh, go figure. What the hell the Cubs will sign him.By the way the Cubs blew up the Bartman ball and made it into spaghetti, that worked real well for them.

posted by volfire at 07:21 PM on November 02, 2007

It's TV Time for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Wow, Just caught that SDD, she took your tickets in a divorce settlement? What happen to just giving up the house? LOL, sorry but that is WAY messed up. Glad to see your still a hometeam fan though.

posted by volfire at 03:36 PM on October 23, 2007

It's TV Time for the Chicago Blackhawks.

As a Chicago based sports fan this is a great move. Any die hard fan would'nt pass up tickets just because the game is on TV anyway. This just give the fans who can't make the game a chance to see their home team play. Let's go HAWKS!

posted by volfire at 03:29 PM on October 23, 2007

Had Enough Steroids Yet? Marion Jones, You're Next!

I say just cut the crap aside and lets get to the true future of sports, the death games. There are already combat fights that push that edge already. Hell turn it into a gambling home show like in the running man movie. Then they would at least have a common sense excuse for doping, " Hey man my life is on the line here". That would kill 2 birds with one stone. We could get rid of obnoxious parents looking to make fortunes on their kids backs, and kids might be deterred from taking steroids. The way it's all going now heroes are becoming harder to find.

posted by volfire at 01:47 PM on October 05, 2007

Leave Steve Bartman Alone!

O.K., so what's the excuse for last nite? They lost with there ace pitcher starting. They're choking already. Oh yeah I forgot Bartman, the curse, the goat, it's always something they're the C U B S !

posted by volfire at 11:05 AM on October 04, 2007

Yanks' Shelley Duncan Crushes Poor Child's Hopes, Dreams, Future, Then Laughs And Sacrifices A Black Goat To The Dark Lords

All I have to say after reading all this is Thank GOD it wan't Mickey Mouse who signed that autograph! Why can't Red Sox fans be more like White Sox fans? Just get drunk and charge on the field with your kid and beat the snot out of the first base coach. Autographs? what the hell?

posted by volfire at 12:08 PM on September 19, 2007

Dogfighting, point-shaving, blood doping. It couldn't get any worse, could it?

Now THAT"S funny!

posted by volfire at 02:01 PM on July 26, 2007

In Praise of 'Soccer'

Sounds to me like the Brits are afraid of us taking something else from them. BTW, all the American Football games as in NFL have sold out in Britain. Whats next NASCAR to replace F1?

posted by volfire at 09:14 AM on June 17, 2007

What happens in clubhouse, stays there

AMEN , dyams

posted by volfire at 10:29 AM on May 06, 2007

Chief Illiniwek hits the bench

So whats left now, clean out the museum's too? Who will care about the Indians after they are forgotten?

posted by volfire at 12:27 PM on February 18, 2007

Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died

As always Chicago puts their mony on an inmature Q.B. Wea haven't had one since, well, a long time. I personally would have like to have seen Griese get a shot. Prince sucked, nothing more than a long guitar solo. I hear Eddie van Halen is up for next year>

posted by volfire at 04:17 PM on February 05, 2007

The Legend of 'One-Hundred-Foot Wednesday'

water and sky, are not gods to be taken lightly. Even the frist time, can be your last.

posted by volfire at 05:47 PM on January 31, 2007

T.O. on Parcells: "Our play was not indicative of what we could have done. What we should have done. Hopefully, the owner will hire a coach to take the team to the next level.

The only thing left is for him to test positive on something he took from someone elses locker or had been given to him by someone anonymous.

posted by volfire at 11:31 AM on January 24, 2007

Will Tank make the trip?

And all this time I thought it was about his coach. One guy doesn't make a team? I'm a need some help with the team concept.

posted by volfire at 03:20 PM on January 23, 2007

Knight: I didn't do anything wrong, would do it again

And the bitch of it is , who's the first person he'll thank after signing his NBA contract? His MOM!

posted by volfire at 09:41 PM on November 14, 2006

White Sox home games to start at 7:11pm next season.

You obviously do not shop at a 7-11 on the south side. Everything's free with the gun you carry in, the tickets are a bonus.

posted by volfire at 04:56 PM on October 11, 2006

Masters? Michelle Wie Should Master LPGA First, says Female Sportswriter

If this place is like the neighborhood bar, this should get really interesting once everyone gets liquored up.

posted by volfire at 06:53 PM on September 22, 2006

Auker loved to play, talk baseball

And I'm sure the Babe would stand in front of congress( unless their on vaction, or have more important things to do) and swear he NEVER drank,whored, or broke any other law. My point was to draw exception to our "hero's" today, many of which can't even speak the language of the game that they play. Who are our hero's now? Mcguire ,Bonds, Palmiero, Giambi, Sosa, how many more should we or can we question? If it was only beer that they were testing for I think we could consider ourselves lucky. Of course they only drank when it was'nt against the law. And they were not testing for beer in your system then either so that still works too!

posted by volfire at 06:56 PM on August 08, 2006

Auker loved to play, talk baseball

Yeah, your'e right Weedy, now we will just argue about the records of the cheaters, who did and who didn't. Of course Babe Ruth was the biggest cheater of them all, he started all this. (Realizing the fact that he was not the only great baseball player, already noted)

posted by volfire at 03:00 PM on August 08, 2006

Auker loved to play, talk baseball

Great to get a post to remind us how the game was "really" played. To bad we can't have enough of these "Old Timers" telling these guys how they really look in the public eye. They obviously don't or won't listen to us. To much money, I guess>

posted by volfire at 01:02 PM on August 08, 2006

Bonds Relived

He actually wet hs pants?

posted by volfire at 07:34 PM on July 21, 2006

Teen with cerebral palsy completes marathon swim

Gretat story. How come there are no feel good pieces at the end of regular broadcasts? Somebody call ABC World news tonite. She definetly fits the person of the week catagory.

posted by volfire at 01:28 PM on July 20, 2006

Up in the sky -- it's a bird, it's a plane ... it's Seattle's NBA franchise leaving town!

Yeah, its right out of the black and white movies. It;s 20$ to park in the lot with a ticket. Ever been toa Hawks game or Bears game.Sorry Sir parking is not on the ticket. I have enough high priced teams in my town. Thank God we did'nt take them.

posted by volfire at 05:03 PM on July 18, 2006

18 ex-Steelers have died since 2000

Antifreeze? I thought that only worked on dogs and cats!

posted by volfire at 03:19 PM on July 18, 2006

All-Star Shakeups

No fear WOLF, that guy is outa here.! As in dead I mean.

posted by volfire at 04:02 PM on July 08, 2006

All-Star Shakeups

Are the Cubs even a viable baseball team anymore? Oh yeah, I forgot summertime beer and the roofs tops, Uh, go Cubs!

posted by volfire at 03:37 PM on July 08, 2006

All-Star Shakeups

Well, since I'm just an un-educated FAN, I'll turn my hat backwards and try to pick up on something else. I'm thinking NASCAR, course there is still pro wrestling........

posted by volfire at 08:55 PM on July 07, 2006

Playoffs for the PGA?

So now golf is trying to keep up with NASCAR"S race for the cup? Seems like the same thing, sounds like it too.

posted by volfire at 12:54 PM on June 29, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

Anyone blamed Bush Yet?

posted by volfire at 03:01 PM on June 16, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

EXCELENT IDEA MY MAN! Don't forget to teach them how to shoot cause they are killing little kids across the country. Thug life Yo! WORD!

posted by volfire at 02:43 PM on June 16, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

Most of which have NOTHING to do with a "Sports mascot". How does any culture move forward with their own community, if it has to fight for recognition? Will losing the sports mascot help or hurt the bigger picture?

posted by volfire at 02:29 PM on June 16, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

Are you afraid if new people? Why not start a private chat line then?

posted by volfire at 01:18 PM on June 16, 2006

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked


posted by volfire at 07:43 PM on June 15, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

I am not trying to put my VALUES on anyone or make that judgement for others. I had ,nor my ancestors, anything with the treaties and or actions, against the Indian Nations. Nor did I own ar have anything to do with slavery. Why am I now responsible? And if you write argumentitive commentary, are you not trying to pass on your values to others as well? Where and what is the difference?

posted by volfire at 07:41 PM on June 15, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

CLONES) if we left you alone what and where would you be? Would your arguments be stronger if NFL teams had no Indian head on their helmet? If you think America has forgoten your treaties and rights now, some 100 years later, what will become of you if you are not in our minds at all? Is that what you wish to erase all memory of you? Your books , articles and history will mean nothing if no one reads them. And for movies, no one is going to make a movies about someone or something that is not going to hold someones interest. It will be left to the Museums to keep your heritage alive, along with the cavemans.

posted by volfire at 07:29 PM on June 15, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

1) If you want to put my face on your ass, then that's your problem , I won't sue, my wife won't even let me put it on her ass. 2) CHICO AND NEMO : get a life! This is the year 2006, we are not liv iving 100 years in the past or in the last century. Bringing up crap that is 100 years or even 50 years old holds no meaning unless your of that age. Not even in our court system, let it go.And as long as were on the lines of political correctness who gives a fuck what the Germans think. Not that I'M prejudiced because of my heritage mind you but, is this as simple as the world is going to get? Personally a British soccer team called the Blitzkrieg would be awsome. And I really don't think it would offend the Germans at all. They"ed probrably get a good laugh out of it! It's only in the US where we are still playing games, centuries old. The rest of the world has moved on, we have'nt. The brits, French , Italians don't give a rats ass what the Germans think or say, and that war is only over 50 years old. LET IT DIE and be at rest!

posted by volfire at 07:10 PM on June 15, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

Then as an Irishman, I think the Fightin'Irish" should go . It makes us all sound like drunks. Fightin Flickertails, now thats got some ass to it! How could you not go out and win every game with a name like the Fightin Flikertails?

posted by volfire at 04:47 PM on June 15, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

And you would think that if you were pounded on for 100 years you could develop a sharper stick. Am I the only one who misses the Frito Bandito? Go ILLINI AND BIG Desert Dog!

posted by volfire at 03:40 PM on June 15, 2006

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked


posted by volfire at 02:42 PM on June 15, 2006

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked


posted by volfire at 01:41 PM on June 15, 2006

When Ozzie tells you to plunk, you plunk...or get plunked

Hey Jersey try using more coffee beans next time. It might give you a little more energy. And it has alway's been about ethics, unfortunatly I don't own a baseball team.

posted by volfire at 01:32 PM on June 15, 2006