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Celtics Hold Bucks to 56 Points

"Got off the phone with 30 seconds in the half and the Bucks had 6 points. Shame they converted that 3 point play."

I thought it said they scored nine in the first quarter?

posted by amatzek at 06:04 PM on March 14, 2011

Ohio State Player: Fan Spit on Me

I'm a proud Badgers fan. I was so excited for the win over Ohio state but I would never condone that type of fan behavior. I think we can all agree every fan base has a few bad sports that make the rest of us look bad. Don't judge all badger fans by one fans horrible behavior. GO BADGERS!!!

posted by amatzek at 09:16 AM on February 14, 2011

Ohio State Player: Fan Spit on Me


posted by amatzek at 09:16 AM on February 14, 2011

Just a Game?


posted by amatzek at 09:15 AM on February 14, 2011

Is Mike Vick Back?

I think he is. I don't know what the eagles will do if Kolb is healthy to return but I think the smart decision would be to go with Vick. I love love love the Packers but I got extremely nervous when Vick came in. He gave them a chance to win. He's still a little rusty but with more time I think he will win more games than Kolb.

posted by amatzek at 11:44 AM on September 13, 2010

Pre-game dunk costs team forfeit

The reason the rule is stated that way is because it is preventable in the pre-game. During the game it is considered heat of the moment and before it is considered more "on purpose". It makes sense to me.

posted by amatzek at 09:04 PM on March 11, 2009

Kay was a treasure


posted by amatzek at 03:25 PM on January 27, 2009

Favre Accused of Helping Packers Opponent

You can bring all the other things into it but leave the addiction out of it. By the way he was not forced to go into treatment he went voluntarily after he had a seizure at the hospital. NO ONE in the packers organazation forced him to go.

posted by amatzek at 10:18 AM on October 21, 2008

Favre Accused of Helping Packers Opponent

Hey MrFrisby and cjets. This supposedly happened before the second game of the season so it had nothing to do with yesterdays game. Pay attention

posted by amatzek at 04:45 PM on October 20, 2008

Favre Accused of Helping Packers Opponent

As a life long packer fan and huge Favre fan this really disappoints me if it's true. The media seems to spread rumors like wildfire. So until i see some cold hard proof I choose to believe he would never do that. Call it denial if you want but that's my choice.

posted by amatzek at 03:07 PM on October 20, 2008

Tony Mandarich Admits Steroid Abuse

Doesn't surprise me. I was only 7 in 1989 and I remember my dad stating several times that Mandarich was a waste of time. (We're life long packer fans) For some reason my dad just knew. Why tell now, why not keep it to yourself. Didn't think he could make himself seem like a bigger idiot but he did.

posted by amatzek at 06:37 PM on October 01, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers return to the postseason after a 26 year absence.

I was 2 months old the last time they made the playoffs and have been waiting my entire life to see them make the playoffs. I'm so excited. I officially peed my pants (yes on purpose) for them yesterday. Part of a pact I made last year and decided to stick to it this year. Woo hoo for C.C.

posted by amatzek at 07:10 PM on September 29, 2008

Force makes history as first female Funny Car winner

Drood keep your asshole comments in canada. The only orgasm you probably get is from your own hand. Don't comment if you don't have something to actually SAY.

posted by amatzek at 12:03 AM on April 30, 2008

The Best Homerun Story Ever

Drood, what was the point of your post. This story is about the good sportsmanship of Mallory Holtman, not about the rules. Go hang out with the heartless people on metafilter.

posted by amatzek at 06:36 PM on April 29, 2008

The Best Homerun Story Ever

Absolutely a great story. I played softball competitively from age 4-22 and I can't honestly say with my season on the line i would have done that. It takes a real big person with a big heart. Also, great to see a softball story on here.

posted by amatzek at 02:02 PM on April 29, 2008

Pacman gives Dallas Cowboys a dual threat:

Are you kidding me? Green Bay is considered a back water town. If one losing season in 16 years in a back water town is bad then I don't want to be good MONEYHAWK. GET A LIFE!!!!!!! Born and raised cheesehead and proud of it.

posted by amatzek at 11:33 PM on April 25, 2008

Max McGee unexpected hero of Super Bowl I dies in home accident.

My guess is that he was a typical man and couldn't accept when he couldn't do the things he used to. He was a huge part of my life growing up listening to a lot of packer games on the radio (Cuz the sucky vikings games were shown in western wi a lot). Nobody but Max could make you feel like you were at the game watching with him. Exciting commentator.

posted by amatzek at 11:17 PM on October 23, 2007

But Will It Be a Good Use of a Timeout

What I want to know is if the NFL caught a team like the Lions, Dolphins, Cardinals or another team with bad records in the recent past cheating, would the punishment have been worse. It seems to me that the Pats got a get out of jail free card just because they actually had the power to win games without cheating. Nobody really knows if what they did helped them win games or not. What if it did? To me, if a professional sports team is caught cheating in anyway shape or form, even if it's just the tiniest indiscretion you should get a hell of a lot more than a big dollar fine. Maybe they should be forced to forfeit games against the people they were caught spying on. Or something else worse than taking money from people who already have more than enough. I think in the end Easterbrook is just really pissed because they were caught spying and the punishment didn't really affect anything but their reputation so he's trying like hell to get something done about it. As for the running up the score, so what. It's not the classiest move but it's the safest.

posted by amatzek at 11:07 PM on October 23, 2007

Who's the Daddy?

I saw these two while watching and Ironman race one Sat. about 7 years ago. I cried then and i cried now even seeing a lot of the footage before. The line about pushing his dad in a chair absolutely got me. I hope i can be that kind of parent to my kids one day. Just goes to show you what's really important to some people doesn't matter at all to others. He doesn't care about recognition all he cares is that his son doesn't have to feel totally disabled when they are out there.

posted by amatzek at 10:34 AM on February 22, 2007

Corey Lidle's Plane Crashes into New York City Skyscraper

This is a very sad time for Lidle's family, but from what i can see on every news station and news internet site nobody seems to be mentioning what a tragedy it is for the people who weren't on the plane. The ones who were just sitting in their apartment minding their own business and killed by someone who atleast chose to get on a plane and take the risk. He might have been a sports star but he was also just a person just like the other 3 people confirmed dead so far. Too bad, I really hope drugs or alcohol weren't involved or even just screwing around, that would turn this into an even bigger tragedy than it already is

posted by amatzek at 04:43 PM on October 11, 2006

Corey Lidle's Plane Crashes into New York City Skyscraper

They think that one of his engines went out and caused him to lose control doing flips that people maybe mistook as being tricks or stunts. Most people are saying it was not a trick or a stunt that caused this.

posted by amatzek at 04:31 PM on October 11, 2006

Former Packer Chmura rips Favre, calls him 'selfish'

After the seasons that Favre has produced as a packer he's earned the right to be a little maybe even a lot selfish. He has every right to think everything through even up till opening day. It's his career that will be tarnished if he comes back and his butt on the line if he doesn't produce. Do you think that he wants another season like last? As a die hard packer fan I and most that i talk to want him back. I'm truly convinced that aaron rodgers needs atleast another year and Brett deserves one more. Mark Chmura and him were friends they even got a tattoo of the superman symbol together. But that still doesn't mean that If chmura does something wrong that Favre has to remain friends with him. Maybe before he supported him he waited for the evidence to come out and what he saw he was disgusted with. Mark's just jealous that Brett has career decsions to make since Mark hasn't had career in a long time. He wants Brett to go out looking like an ass like he did but that's not going to happen so he's doing anything to ruin favre's reputation.

posted by amatzek at 05:44 PM on April 04, 2006