January 25, 2009

Kay was a treasure: Kay Yow, long time NC State women's basketball coach, finally succumbs to breast cancer at the age of 66. "I need to make a difference in the lives of other people," she said in 2002 when she was named The News & Observer's Tar Heel of the Year. "If I'm not doing that, I've missed the whole point of my gift of life."

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A tremendous loss. One of those coaches that you would want
your kid to go play for regardless of how much talent she had
in the program at the time.

I hope her team is going to be able to finish out the year OK
without her. Don't know if her top assistant is going to get an
opportunity to coach the team beyond this season or not. I
assume yes but not sure.

Even though women's collegiate hoops hasn't been on the
national radar for all that long, seems like there's more of a
trend of top coaches staying put in one place and building a
legacy than there is with the men's.

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Really tragic. A wonderful coach and, by all reports, a wonderful human being. Wishing her family, players and friends peace during this difficult time.

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By all accounts, the Wolfpack gave her an amazing memorial a few days back. RIP, lady -- you gave so very much to so many.

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