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"Juuuuust a bit outside."

Actually Bozeman, I'm pretty sure it was the Nationals. He'll be their #2 starter.

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America's new dancing machine!!!

heh. "Sensored"? Rather funny you would post that on THIS thread. Try censored.

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Beckett to Rangers in 4 player trade

I'm not so sure Beckett would be the savior the Rangers think they're getting. He's injury prone, and his career road ERA is 3.83, almost 3/4 of a run higher than his home ERA (3.14). He's no Chan Ho Park, but I can see why Texas may be reluctant to give up a pitcher in addition to Blalock.

posted by brewdudepa at 10:00 AM on November 20, 2005

The Onion gets all sweaty

And for those that do appreciate satire, has been covering this ground for a few years already, and I think with more bite. Headlines this week include: "Packers Schedule Uninjured Brett Favre for Season-Ending Surgery" "Cubs Management Not Sure How to Fire Dusty Baker Without Exposing That They’re Racists" "Boring boxing match ends without a death"

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The Onion gets all sweaty

Uh...royce? It's a satire. TO didn't really say that stuff.

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Coroner: 49ers' Herrion died of heart disease

Not only expensive, but risky. Routine cardiac catheterization (i.e. angiogram) is not indicated for simple screening, especially in 23 year olds. It carries many risks, including renal failure, hematomas, even heart attacks. We do them when there's symptoms, but otherwise it's not a great screen basically due to cost and risk. It is possible that a stress test could have shown something, but even they're not 100% accurate. That said, this guy HAD to have had a family history of early coronary disease, so maybe choosing certain higher risk players to screen would be reasonable.

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ESPN fires Trev Alberts

Craig Kilbourn and Keith Olbermann are the only two I can think of - and I wouldn't say Keith made an upward move. Where is he? MSNBC? CNBC? Some other channel no one watches?

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Legendary Latino Sluggers Left Out

Don't forget Mr. Steroid is on there, too. Raffy Palmeiro may be Latino, but I can't imagine the Latino community is terribly proud of him.

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Bradley accuses Jeff Kent of Racism

I wouldn't be so quick to put Kent in the HOF, especially with his media relations/clubhouse issues both in SF and now LA. Oh, and he still falls short on all 3 of baseball-reference's HOF predictors: Gray Ink: Batting - 64 (370) (Average HOFer ~ 144) HOF Standards: Batting - 39.1 (148) (Average HOFer ~ 50) HOF Monitor: Batting - 89.0 (168) (Likely HOFer > 100) Add to the fact that he's played his career in these offensive-minded years, and his numbers fall even further short at this point in his career.

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Bonds done for 2005 season

What insomnyuk said.

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Bonds Done For the Rest of 2005

As if the Giants were really planning on him returning this season? They picked up a new (read: another old guy) outfielder at the deadline anyway, even though they're 14 games under .500. I'm sure Randy Winn's gonna take them alllllll the way to...72-91. Maybe.

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All-Bust Team

Ummm... are they really a bust if they've always sucked? Here's Guzman's career OPS year-by-year: .543-.687-.814-.677-.676-.691 And Milton averages 32 HR allowed a year for his career, then moved into that bandbox in Cincy. They just prove that these GMs don't know what they're doing when they sign guys with track records like this.

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Boom -- Madden Joins NBC

I tend to agree with Motown Mike here. "Self-aggrandizing ex-jocks" pretty much sums up most of the crappy announcers out there (Collingsworth, Deion, Michael Irvin in football, Kruk, McCarver, Reynolds in baseball to name a few). The professional broadcasters actually speak coherently during the game.

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The closer is not always automatic

As many teams have proven, you don't have to pay ridiculous sums of money for a guy who can pitch 60 innings a year. There's alwasys a Dan Kolb (the Milwaukee version), Derrick Turnbow, Joe Nathan, Coco Cordero, Miguel Batista, Dustin Hermanson, or Brandon Lyon available on the scrap heap. Who among these was "groomed" as a closer? And then there's the whole Moneyball argument of "Why is the ninth inning more important than any other inning?" Any team that wastes millions on a "proven" closer is doing just that - wasting money that could be spent on a slugger or at least a pitcher who will give them 150 good innings.

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The Pest

Small ball, shmall ball...the Sox are winning because of pitching, pitching, pitching. The fact that they happen to be leading in SB due to the addition of ScottyPo is irrelevant. They've got a bunch of starting pitchers who are waaaaay over their heads (El Duque, Contreras, and !!Garland?!!), and in actuality their offense isn't much better than last year when they had Lee and Ordonez. Plus, Podsednik led the majors with 70-odd steals last year, and look where it got the Brewers! For a more detailed comparison of the April 2004 and April 2005 Sox, take a look at Aaron Gleeman's piece at Hardball Times:

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The Top 10 Superstitiousest Athletes

Mike Hargrove, "The Human Rain Delay", sounds an awful lot like Nomar at the plate. Too bad Nomar's had nothing but bad luck the last few years. Maybe all those adjustments at the plate aren't such a good thing.

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Round up the usual suspects!

Here's the link:

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Round up the usual suspects!

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Round up the usual suspects!

Samsonov, Eight Men Out is No. 30. We discussed this in January when the Observer was asking for suggestions for this list.

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Injuries, age finally catching up to Yankees

As a Brewers fan, I, too, would like to see the demise of the Yankees. However it's WAAAAY too early to push the panic button. Just look at the Brewers. One week ago they were dead last in the NL Central at 7-13 after a brutal 7 game losing streak to STL and LA. Now a visit from CIN and CHI has jumped them back to .500 and in second place. Things change real fast in April and May. Yankees fans need to settle down......but justgary, there's no way in HELL I'm gonna feel sorry for a team that gives huge contracts to aging pitchers and is surprised when they stink.

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The Great Sunflower Seed Shortage of '05

Great tongue-in-cheek tone to both articles. I actually laughed out loud a few times. I know I'll be stocking up on my seeds for upcoming games.

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Smith #1, Rogers ???

Packers took Rodgers at #24. Glad to see they are looking ahead to Favre's retirement, considering he's been hinting at it for several years. Plus, he's gonna get creamed out there this year unless the Pack bolsters their O-line.

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About as lame, stupid, inane, idiotic, harebrained as Page 3 itself. What are they supposed to be selling? Shoes? Gimme a friggin break Nike.

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Deion Sanders on Moss.

Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin as ROLE MODELS for proper behavior in the NFL? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (spits coffee onto computer screen)

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Knockout prose

I agree with Fat Buddha on Fever Pitch. I loved all of Nick Hornby's books, but I couldn't get thru that one. Maybe it's cuz I'm not a soccer fan. It'll be interesting to see how the movie translates the book to a baseball theme. Speaking of Baseball books - three of my favorites (in no particular order): Nine Innings - Dan Okrent: An interesting account of one game in 1982, albeit a bit Brewers-centric Fair Ball - Bob Costas: He makes some interesting ideas on how to "fix" baseball Moneyball - Michael Lewis: Forget all the hullabaloo about whether "Moneyball" is a better way to play - it's a great character study on Billy Beane anyway.

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Georgia on his mind.

Mike Maddux, not much of a pitcher himself always in the shadow of his brother, has had a tremendous effect as the Brewers' pitching coach. Deserves some responsibility for turning Sheets into an ace, and pulling a Mazzone with Doug Davis and Danny Kolb. That said, Leo is incredible.

posted by brewdudepa at 01:02 PM on December 17, 2004

Smoltz back in starting rotation

Well....1 and 1/2 year wonder. He had 21 saves and 1.96 ERA in 2003 after taking over the closer job from DeJean. Nonetheless, that K thing is worrisome if you're a Braves fan. We kept waiting for Danny to implode last year.

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Smoltz back in starting rotation

As a Brewer fan, I love this deal.....Kolb's value will never be higher, and Capellan's a tremendous talent. I live in Myrtle Beach and he started the year here with Atlanta's A ball club. Saw him pitch 8 innings of no-hit ball before the reliever gave up a 2 out ninth inning single. He was just blowing it past 'em, and then proceeded to catapult thru the ranks to Atlanta in September. The Crew will find another closer (Vizcaino or Adams) without difficulty.

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This is it

McCarver's off to the races... in the first he said Lowe's pitching instead of Wakefield cuz "Wakefield's thrown 108 pitches the past 3 days, and he's 40." Uh.. Wake was born in '66. That makes him 38. And 108 pitches in three days for a knuckler? Big whoop.

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Cream Puff Classes

"Puppy Petting" at the Univ of Wisconsin.... I can't recall the real name of the class, but basically was about raising pets and farm animals. Full of jocks and Jewish-American-Princesses. Worth 3 Biology credits. Also had "Clap for Credit". Real name: Music Appreciation. Friday afternoon at 2 PM. Listen to live music of varying types, take a 5 question "quiz" about the artist at the end of the hour. Clap.

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I gots to gets me some FLAVA23.

Were Reggie bars for Reggie Jackson or Reggie White? Cuz I remember seeing the minister of defense's mug on some milky way/almond joy -type concoction around Green Bay a few years ago. Just don't remember what they were called.

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Dorkfest. I enjoyed Word Freaks as well, and I love playing Scrabble, but like to stick to words most people have heard of. I used to think it was pretty dorky that my med school roommate and I used to play 2 or 3 games on Friday night before going out drinking...until I read that book. They made us look cool. It's no more of a sport than chess - have we done a "Chess - Sport or Not?" thread?

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Puerto Rico 92, U.S. 73

Call me territorial, but isn't Puerto Rico a U.S. Territory? I didn't know they sent their own contingency to the Games.

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Where did I put my wallet?

Possible life imprisonment? Did I miss something? I'm not a big basketball fan, but the last I've heard, Kobe's being charged with rape, which in Colorado (or any US state) certainly isn't going to get him life....or did he kill someone while I wasn't paying attention?

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'Stros trade Hildago (+$4m) to the Mets for Weathers

Hidalgo has certainly not been hitting like a $12 million outfielder, certainly not at .256/.309/.412 with 4 homers, the last being on APRIL 13!!! That said, he's shown enormous talent, and although Weathers is a serviceable middle reliever, Houston probably got shafted. I guess that's what happens when you sell low. I do agree with rocketman, tho - it's nice to have Hidalgo out of the Brewers' division.

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I only caught the last "scooter" segment in the ninth - "This is a fastball." What the f---? I wonder if Phil Rizzuto can sue Fox for such a horrible misuse of his nickname.

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Maybe the D-Rays should move to Japan.

Just to give you an idea of how bad it was, announcers Peter Gammons, Harold Reynolds, and Some Other Guy even dogged the event during the event. Gammons and Reynolds were both against it. Not only did they dog the event....they didn't even bother to go! I heard they were broadcasting it from Bristol while watching it on video. I agree - it f***s up the beauty of OPENING DAY. And if they're gonna do this, they could at least give us a better matchup, like the Yanks/Sox or Dodgers/Giants. Throwing the D-Rays in there all but ensured that only the diehard fans in the states would drag their asses out of bed to see it. Oh, and I was up in time to see the last three innings. No way I was gonna wake up at 5AM. (2 on the west coast!) And at least the Yankees lost.

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Have no fear Brewers fans. They've got a 30 year lease on Miller Park, so they shouldn't be picking up and moving anytime soon. Let me say from a long-suffering Brewers fan's standpoint (and apologies to jerseygirl, but we've suffered more than any Red Sox fan - at least your team wins more than it loses and makes the playoffs more often than once every 22 years and counting)...this is wonderful news. Maybe a new owner won't be so damn cheap, so we can pick up a few decent free agents once the new crop of prospects comes up in '05/'06. Oh, and perhaps keep a star for more than a year after he gets good.

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In addition, there's a genetic disorder called Marfan's Syndrome, where patients are very tall and have excessively long "spidery" fingers. Unfortunately can also have heart arrhythmias and aorta malformations, leading to serious problems. It wouldn't surprise me if some of these basketball players, with their "Marfanoid" appearance, had the disorder.

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