May 29, 2008

Bourdon killed in motorcycle accident: Vancouver Canucks defenseman Luc Bourdon is dead. He died instantly at around 12:30 p.m. New Brunswick time when the motorcycle he was driving hit a tractor-trailer head-on on Hwy. 113 in Lameque, N.B.

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I'm interested to hear what the police determine as to who is at fault in this tragedy. Terrible day for his family and the Canucks organization, as well as Canadian hockey in general. Sad news.

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Sad news indeed. We lost Bob Gassoff in 1977 to a motorcycle accident.

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Absolutely tragic. Best wishes to his family, friends and fans.

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tahoe: Does it really matter whose fault it was? Doesn't change anything. .

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The story must have been updated with this possible cause: "Bourdon's family has been told by the RCMP that the cause of the accident is believed to be a strong wind gust which blew Bourdon's bike into the oncoming truck." Jeez. Didn't know that was possible.

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*....It just means he was going too fast. .

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i feel bad for the family also i thought he was pretty good.

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This is why nobody likes motocycles, it killes to many people.

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S.H.08, There are hundreds of thousands of "nobody" all over the world who follow top-flight motorcycle racing, and millions more who ride them socially and safely. Watch who you call "nobody."

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Does it really matter whose fault it was? Doesn't change anything. Yes, it does, on many levels. Knowing why something happened can't bring him back to life, but it can help his family, friends, and fans understand. Seeing rcade's post was a bit of a relief. He wasn't, apparently, riding irresponsibly or impaired, which is huge. His memory wasn't stigmatized by him dying while doing something stupid. The truck driver didn't cross into his lane and hit him, so while the driver will live with this forever, I would imagine the guilt factor would be much less. There was no malfunction on the part of the motorcycle, so less people will point their fingers and hollar about how unsafe they are (see above post.) For my part, it helps me believe the story that he was a young man with some past issues, but who was maturing into not only a top-notch hockey player, but a quality human being. That was why I was curious as to whom would be found at fault. If it doesn't matter to you, fine, it did to me.

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Apparently he only had his motorcycle license for two weeks (per the Loose Cannons on KLAC 570 AM in L.A.) which means that inexperience may have been factor.

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I think it's sad. But as a prosports person, any sport,(remember ben roethlisberger?)where is the line between blowing off steam and having fun and staying ready for the next season and making sure you are ok? I have no idea where I stand on that issue. It's sad though, the family will be in my thoughts.

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