April 18, 2007

Nice profile of Manny Ramirez: from the New Yorker. “You can write it down just like that: ‘David Ortiz says Manny is a crazy motherf&^%er.’"

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If baseball is entertainment as well as sport,Ramirez is by far the most. Besides unparalleled offensive ability ( he's also a good outfielder despite occasional gaffes) he brings excitement and tension to the game by his mere presence. There are few players in any sport that are comparable. So if he is a crazy mf, so what?

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Manny Ramirez is a straight up beast at the plate. I could care less to know what he does in the off season, what's he eating (a la' Dice-K) or if he shows up to spring training on time or not. Once the brights lights are on and the opposing pitcher is ready for the sign from the catcher, you can best believe that Manny Ramirez will be at home plate, front foot forward, elbows high and ready to explode on a 2-1 fastball inside over the Green Monster. You just gotta love a guy that doesn't feel the need to take up camera time with the media in order to 'make nice.' That's just Manny~

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I'd read a lot about the New Yorker article, and I'm very glad you posted it, rumple. It was a nice read. Somehow Manny resembles my just-turned-18 son. Our efforts to civilize him produce endless amounts of frustration, and we worry that he will somehow mess himself up with his irresponsibility. But every once in a while, he turns in a performance that really makes our chests pop out in pride and reaffirms our faith that he will eventually turn into a decent man. So it seems to be with Manny. His antics are of the non-destructive type, that is, they don't involve crime, drugs, alcohol, or illicit sexual relations, but you just want to scream at him to wake up. Then you watch him go 3 for 5 with a home run and 4 RBIs, make a good play off the "monster", and all is forgiven. Manny, just keep on being Manny. It's plenty good enough for me.

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Good player^h^h^h^h^h^h hitter. Nutjob.

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Good article. The man is nutty, that's for sure. But its a good nutty. Favorite Manny moment...aside from the grill for sale on ebay, is the disappearing behind the wall during a pitching change and nearly not making it back out.

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From the article: He is thick but not big by today’s standards, about six feet and two hundred pounds, and without the sculpted Hulk Hogan physique that has become the norm, yet only Mark McGwire, Harmon Killebrew, and Babe Ruth hit four hundred and fifty home runs more quickly than Ramirez I would be curious how he's counting "more quickly" -- in fewest at bats, fewest number of seasons, earliest in terms of age, etc.? I think it has to be at-bats based, because A-Rod hit his 450th last year at age 31 (11th season -- not counting two preceding partial seasons of 17 and 48 games), while Ramirez hit his 450th last year at age 34 (13th season -- not counting one partial 22-game season).

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Despite all his faults I love Manny. There's no player in baseball more entertaining to me. about six feet and two hundred pounds Watching Manny play day after day next to other players there's no way he's 6-0. I think the range is more 5-10/ 5-11 if he's lucky.

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Who doesn't love Manny? He's a freak and a terrible defensive player - but what a savant-like hitter. And frankly baseball is a great sport to do whilst beating to your own drum. He's hardly a cancer.

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Plus, he might just be the happiest guy in MLB. Let Manny be Manny and deal with it. He could be doing a hell of a lot worse things than just being Manny. Plus, he doesn't speak about himself in the third person (at least, not that I remember hearing).

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I couldn't care less if Manny doesn't enjoy joining in the media analysis of his performances. I like how simple he keeps things, though I do share the author's disappointment that he hasn't helped out his school that much. That's kind of crappy, imho. He could give them the money he gets from the auction of his fancy Lincoln so they could get some lights on the field!

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