January 05, 2007

Canadian Juniors win again!: Canada's Junior hockey team has won its 3rd straight IIHF U20 World Championship. Russia was second, and the US won the bronze medal game earlier today over Sweden.

posted by mikelbyl to hockey at 04:11 PM - 6 comments

It's nice to know the US can still medal in something.

posted by graymatters at 04:19 PM on January 05, 2007

The US was a very strong team at this competition and really gave Canada a run for its money in the semi-final, which came down to a shootout. As well Erik Johnson (D) and Patrick Kane (F) were both named tournament All-Stars and Johnson won an IIHF Best Player award as best D. The overall tournament MVP was Carey Price, Canada's goalie, who I am happy to say is a Canadiens draft pick.

posted by mikelbyl at 04:26 PM on January 05, 2007

Seems like they pulled it off. Their lowest scoring team in years, squeaked past team USA and were more than solid in the final.

posted by gspm at 05:53 PM on January 05, 2007

Fantastic hockey action in this Tourney. Tons of action and dramatic finishes. Congrats to the squad from Canada. Well Done!

posted by skydivedad at 10:17 PM on January 05, 2007

What I can't figure out is why they'd schedule the gold medal game to be on a Friday. ARG. Carey Price was great. Just as good, if not better, than Pogge last year (Leafs draft pick!) It's amazing how dominant the Canadian jrs have been these last three years. Three years ago was likely the most talented jr team ever. Last year was the most dominant ever. That's a hard act to follow, especially without Sutter, but they did well. Canadian hockey is alive and well!

posted by mkn at 10:57 PM on January 05, 2007

Price is a nice story, coming from Anahim Lake and all. I've been to Anahim Lake, probably around when he was born, and it was/is a pokey little dirt road town in the middle of nowhere with a buttload of social problems. Good to see him succeed.

posted by rumple at 02:27 AM on January 06, 2007

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