December 25, 2006

Hidden: Steelers are done.: Where will they end up in the draft? I think in the 12-15 spot. And their needs? A heavy, between the tackles back to offset Parker? Or maybe a shut-down caliber corner to help Troy P. in the defensive back field?

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First they need to address the coaching situation. I hope Cowher is coming back but if he is not he needs to let it be known soon! If he is no matter who he brings in he has to make some changes starting with the first day of training camp. Chuck Noll (yeah I know, I'm old) won 4 Super Bowls by announcing every July that all 22 jobs were up for grabs. And even though nobody was going to beat out Joe Greene or Bradshaw or Harris for thier starting jobs they played all out everyday. This past year was nothing like that. I can't say about all of training camp because I only spent 1 day there but to play your starters sparingly in the preseason like they did? There was no real competition among the returning starters. I know the threat of injury is always there but still. It was as if "hey we won last year and we'll just do it again. No need to get excited." Joey Porter is probably gone but Harrison seems ready to step right in, they may need to get another corner (Ike Taylor was supposed to be thier shut down guy!), they need someone dependable to return kicks (sorry but Santonio Holmes just scares me back there), and they need more solid coaching. Especially on speacial teams, they gave up way too many big plays and didn't produce near enough.

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I think the Steelers need a bigger (and maybe a little heavier) running back. Willie Parker is a great player, but I think his size has hurt the running game. Yes, they need to address the coaching situation ASAP. I would like to see Cowher stay, but with his wife and family in North Carolina, I don't know. FriarDuck, I hope you are wrong about Joey Porter! I would hate to see him go, but the Steelers are famous for not paying any more than they have to to keep a player. (Jerome Bettis took a million dollar cut to stay in Pittsburgh) All I can say is, better luck next year.

posted by steelergirl at 10:48 AM on December 25, 2006

I put a fork in them weeks ago they are overcooked and dry so it doesn't taste too well good luck for the Roethlisburger next year though

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I thought the NCSU job would pull Cower to Raleigh, but that was a no-go. Cower just did not seem to care and have the drive this season. The jutting jaw and flying spittle was seldom seem on the sidelines. That attitude trickled down to the whole team. As good as he has been, maybe it is time for Cower to be replaced as some fresh blood/ideas brought in.

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Cowher. Bill Cowher. Not Cower. CowHer. He's been in the league for 15 years, spell his name correctly. Oh, and this post to a yahoo article? Lame. Read the guidelines. Oh, and Happy Christmas

posted by scully at 05:57 PM on December 25, 2006 Is this more to your liking?

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*yawn* Not really link-worthy here.

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Or, you could just link to a box score and a Steelers discussion group.

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Richard? Richard Cranium? Is that you?

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Nice comeback. You posted a shit FPP, you'd better get used to being called on it. You've already been steered to the guidelines, now go read them.

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FonGu five FPP's in two days seems a bit much.

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