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Green gone at Arizona

Mike Bidwell says that the Cardinals job should be an attractive to potential candidates, what a joke! the most attractive coaching job in pro fooyball has yet to be officially opened. That of coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Think about it 2 coaches in almost 40 years. You already have a roster that is just one season removed from a super bowl and a classy owner and organization. All that we need to (regrettably) hear is that Bill Cowher is stepping down.

posted by FriarDuck at 07:32 PM on January 01, 2007

Bears beat the Lions and they're the worst team in the past five years.

Millen has to go. Don't know about the Ford families style of ownership but Millen had zero expirience as a GM and continues to make one blunder after another.

posted by FriarDuck at 10:40 AM on December 25, 2006

Steelers are done.

First they need to address the coaching situation. I hope Cowher is coming back but if he is not he needs to let it be known soon! If he is no matter who he brings in he has to make some changes starting with the first day of training camp. Chuck Noll (yeah I know, I'm old) won 4 Super Bowls by announcing every July that all 22 jobs were up for grabs. And even though nobody was going to beat out Joe Greene or Bradshaw or Harris for thier starting jobs they played all out everyday. This past year was nothing like that. I can't say about all of training camp because I only spent 1 day there but to play your starters sparingly in the preseason like they did? There was no real competition among the returning starters. I know the threat of injury is always there but still. It was as if "hey we won last year and we'll just do it again. No need to get excited." Joey Porter is probably gone but Harrison seems ready to step right in, they may need to get another corner (Ike Taylor was supposed to be thier shut down guy!), they need someone dependable to return kicks (sorry but Santonio Holmes just scares me back there), and they need more solid coaching. Especially on speacial teams, they gave up way too many big plays and didn't produce near enough.

posted by FriarDuck at 10:37 AM on December 25, 2006

It doesn't pay to punt

If you are playing the Steelers and Ricardo Coclough is returning the kick, anywhere on the field is a good place to punt. Any down too. Oh Randle El where are you?????

posted by FriarDuck at 03:33 PM on September 27, 2006

Raiders go way back, sign inactive quarterback George

I was hoping it was George Blanda

posted by FriarDuck at 07:28 PM on August 28, 2006

Penguins sold, but still don't know whether to pack bags

The local politicians sold the team (and the city down the river). They had a group that included Dan Marino and Mark Cuban interested, but they wouldn't play ball. This new owner, even though he is from up north is making noise about the team maybe moving to Kansas City. The new arena is also a day to day soap opera.

posted by FriarDuck at 10:26 AM on July 30, 2006

Steelers' Porter to Bush: Uhh, Never Mind

Living in Pittsburgh I saw it on tv. Porter was joking and everyone in the room knew it. Too bad an off the cuff joke got so blown out of proportion.

posted by FriarDuck at 07:11 PM on May 17, 2006

Titans give McNair the cold shoulder

He had to know before he went in. Classless act by the Titans though. A trainer? If your the GM have the gonads to tell him yourself face to face. And didn't he restructure his contract way down before? I can't see anyone giving the Titans the benefit if doing that for a long while.

posted by FriarDuck at 04:24 PM on April 05, 2006

It's like Brad and Jen all over again...

I agree with those who said it's a shame for any marriage to fail. I also agree that this will probably not be the last we hear of Anna Benson. After all she has her own publicist. However without her distractions maybe Kris can become the pitcher that he should have been while still in pittsburgh.

posted by FriarDuck at 09:40 AM on March 31, 2006