December 16, 2006

Everything you ever wanted to know about the ugliest helmet in the history of organized football is inside this link.: Click it. You know you want to. (Pantheon: I think we need a new 'ugly' category, just for this post. Trust me.)

posted by tieguy to football at 05:02 PM - 13 comments

I quite like it.

posted by Fence at 06:39 PM on December 16, 2006

It looks like this.

posted by Drood at 06:46 PM on December 16, 2006

Whats up with the ghost flames. Are they changing their name to the Oregon Flamers?

posted by ggermanctl at 07:49 PM on December 16, 2006

Its not really bad looking at all. Its just different.....way different in a cool sort of way.

posted by sickleguy at 09:31 PM on December 16, 2006

Just wondering who pays for all these "uniforms" OU wears? And the helmet is almost "nice" compared to their jerseys. And I also wonder who gives the OK and says "Hey that is really good looking!" There has to be something going on because I can't imagine players putting on some of those combinations and feeling like they have the pride that a USC or Penn State (one extreme to another) player has.

posted by gfinsf at 07:27 AM on December 17, 2006

Just wondering who pays for all these "uniforms" OU wears? Nike.

posted by tieguy at 07:59 AM on December 17, 2006

Look up Orlando Thunder kits and tell me these are more ugly..

posted by salmacis at 08:11 AM on December 17, 2006

The helmet if "off the chain". Tieguy, its only a matter of time before we see a "swoosh stripe" on our paper currency.

posted by panteeze at 09:32 AM on December 17, 2006

< and i also wonder who gives the ok and says hey that is really good looking!>> I never could get the picture to work, but I can imagine. In a retrospective moment, I don't think anyone thinks these uniforms look good, but they get attention. Nike is genius in that making these hideous uniforms gets them (and the University of Oregon) TV time. Granted, it's an evil genius, but genius nonetheless...

posted by Bonkers at 12:45 PM on December 17, 2006

I have no comment on the Oregon Helmet but I dearly loved the Drood's Limecat helmet. Panteeze scares me! Advertising on a dollar bill? Hmm? Wonder how long it will be? Then, there is the naming of the White House. I can almost hear the tour guide; "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Exxon-Mobil White House. We will be touring the Toyota Oval Office and the Coca Cola Rose Garden, along with the Smirnoff ..." I guess the older we get, the more cynical we become.

posted by Bud Lang at 09:27 PM on December 17, 2006

I like it too. I think it's only appropriate that the U of Zero should have a tie-dye psychedelic helmet for its football team.

posted by psmealey at 06:57 AM on December 19, 2006

Put me down for a "like it" vote. It's different, and probably looks pretty good under the sun or lights. Michigan still has the ugliest helmet, but TAKE IT EASY, before everyone gets bent out of shape, I know it has history and tradition and all that crap.

posted by dyams at 10:01 AM on December 19, 2006

I hate you. As for the helmet it could be worse. They could have the radioactive slug on their helmet.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:07 PM on December 19, 2006

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