September 09, 2002

Loss leaves Cowboys in state of shock.: "I'm not embarrassed," Campo said. "I'm upset with the way we played. We gave this football game away." What does it take to embarrass this man, a loss to the little giants?

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Yep, it's early, but I'm still not sold on Quincy Carter, and some people are even more pessimistic than I am: Campo's regime is beyond rescue (registration required). Gonna be a long season (but at least we play the redskins twice).

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I just moved to Dallas six months ago. I'll cheer for the Mavs (who I like anyway) and the Starts now that they don't have Brett Hull. I'll go out and support the Burn. Don't care about baseball. But I will never, under any circumstances, cheer for the Cowboys. Long season, indeed.

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If the Texans continue to play special teams and defense like they did Sunday night, the Cowboys won't be the only victim. It seemed like Dallas spent the entire evening pinned in its own end zone. Quincy Carter was terrible, especially when compared to the way David Carr was throwing the ball. Dallas, for all of its preseason hype, isn't going to win many games with that guy throwing ducks.

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Why is this such a bad loss? The way free agency is set up in football means that there is no such thing as a true expansion team. The Texans are packed with veterans (oh all right so they start a rook at QB - but Carter is no improvement on Carr). The Texans were able to get out of the gate 1-0 for the same reason the Ravens won the Super Bowl two years ago and countless other teams go from the outhouse to the penthouse in one off season.

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The Cowboys have been my favorite team since I was old enough for my Dad to point me at the television, but I have never been as disappointed in them as I was after last night. Dave Campo will never be a quality head coach and Jerry Jones needs to acknowledge that he knows much less about footbal than he claims. Damn, I'm still upset.

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the texans had 5 rookies starting on offense. including the qb. the dallas defense mostly handled them, but didn't force the texans into many mistakes, and gave up several crucial, big plays. against 5, sometimes 6, rookies. but it wasn't the dallas defense that lost the game. the offense was, in a word, pathetic. the o-line, supposedly a strength of the team, got beaten consistently, including giving up a sack for a safety with the game on the line. when carter had time to throw, he was just as likely to throw it to the texans as his own guys. of carter's 17 incompletions, 12 of them were touched by the defense. aaron glenn seemed like he could have had 4 or 5 interceptions all by himself if he would just hang on to the ball. despite the tough coverage by the corners, the cowboys never attempted to go to the tight end. even worse, dallas never tried to exploit carter's quick feet with a timely draw or scramble. yes, vito, expansion is different now from when tampa bay and seattle came into the league. and carr is now a (and in the future will be a far) better qb than carter. i even think the texans will suprise a few more teams this year. but that doesn't take away from the cowboys performance. this was the the year they thought they would show improvement. maybe even challenge for a playoff position (not my opinion. i was thinking 7-9/8-8) now the cowboys face tennessee, philadelphia, st. louis, and the giants. winning even 1 of those games will be difficult. i'll be cheering each week, but i don't expect anything other than 0-5.

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I lay the blame of this squarely on Quincy Carter. Watching the game: 1st Down) Emmitt Smith stuffed for 2 yard gain. 2nd Down) Quincy Carter wildely over/underthrows his receivers 3rd Down) Quincy Carter sacked or mis-throws again. His throws were horrible, he often times would not check off his receivers, and refuse to look at the #3 and #4 receivers. Sad, Dallas has some decent receivers, but without the ability to throw, teams can just put eight men in the box and let Quincy Carter lose the game for Dallas. Also Emmitt has lost a step, admit this and put in Hambrick and Wiley now and then.

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