April 14, 2006

Is Kyle Busch following in his big brothers footsteps?: If the reckless driving doesn't include speed or alcohol, then what in the world could it be that would call for up to a year in jail? Driving on the sidewalk? I also love the fact that the day before he made an appearence to support an "attentive driving" program. Maybe he was very attentively driving recklessly?

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"Neither speed nor alcohol was a factor, though Lambert would not provide further details" oh, i get it, he wasn't tailgating officer, he was just drafting

posted by hlfpaul at 11:57 PM on April 14, 2006

ok...if it WAS doughnuts in a parking lot....THAT'S JUST STUPID......KIDS are in parking lots.....

posted by tommybiden at 12:32 AM on April 15, 2006

It was Donuts in a Parking Lot Source? Tuesday, Busch again appeared at the Richmond raceway for the Virginia kickoff of "Focus on Driving," Sprint Nextel's attentive driving education program. Maybe he was trying to show people what not to do when driving?

posted by wingnut4life at 08:02 AM on April 15, 2006

mmmm! Donuts.

posted by Knuckles at 08:28 AM on April 15, 2006

Birds of a feather. Is he up for an ear tuck too? Wonder why other drivers have no respect for either of them off track. Maybe Biffle's girlfriend should pay him a visit too.

posted by TAZ29 at 09:54 AM on April 15, 2006

Speaking of Biffle, He better take that little hottie of his right to the freakin altar.That would be his best move of the year and perhaps get him out of his slump....She is HOT and fiesty!!!!!!

posted by USAGTO at 10:38 AM on April 15, 2006

Maybe Kyle is following Kurt, but what stands to reason is that one of those guys or Tony Stuart is going to kill somebody or cause somebody else to kill somebody. The sport is too dangerous for the antics that they are pulling off. Who is to blame? NASCAR! They want to globalize the sport, yet keep the Bubbas happy. Well, Bubba's motto is "if you can't beat 'em, bang 'em." I hear the cliche "That's Racin'," to rationalize. Bullshit! Many years ago a young driver pulled a banging routine such as is always done at Bristol, for example, to win, then told his owner, "I was faster than him and he wouldn't let be by, so I banged him." "You were slower than him, otherwise, you would have been ahead of him," the car-owner responded, and fired the young driver. (I did some road racing and off-road, too, after that) NASCAR has to stop the bangin' and the "that's racin'" excuses. Had it been done years ago, Dale Earnhardt might still be alive. I suggest that, when someone bangs someone, he should roll that baby onto pit row and stop in a predesignated stall, just as he would his own pit stall. The official in the stall would need to hear the driver's argument and either agree and send him off to race again or stay in the pits until the official stuck his ass behind the wall or released him for having served an adequate penalty. There is no way that a driver should ever win a race by knocking another off the track or even hitting him to gain position. It ain't sport. And tell 'em, "I don't kiss any sponsor's ass, so take your money to another venue." (I had to end with a joke)

posted by Bud Lang at 12:25 PM on April 15, 2006

I think they need to be better drivers off the track then on. Maybe they get a little to full of their own driving skills and they think that makes it ok to hot rod on the streets, but at least on the track they have a fair idea of what the skill level is of the other drivers. On the streets when they're hot rodding around John Q. Public or his greyhaired granny they have no idea if they're going to freak them out and kill someone.

posted by commander cody at 12:59 PM on April 15, 2006

You have got to be kidding me, how do you think Dale Earnhardt got the name Iron Head? Bumping and banging have been a part of this sport from the very start. I started following Nascar when I was eight years old and over the last 40 years the biggist change is in what is expected from the drivers. Nascar wants thease guys (and it seems there girl friends ) to be emotionless clones whos only job is to smile and thank the sponsers. Think back to the past drivers who the fans loved to hate and booed as being rough drivers, today its Tony Stuart before him it was Earnhardt before him Waltrip and before him The King Richard Petty.All of the above named drivers where heavy handed drivers on the track that did what had to be done to win, the main difference between the above named drivers and the Busch brothers is that there actions on the track are just plane wreckless and of track thay are just assholes.

posted by CB900 at 05:00 PM on April 15, 2006

Beating on and banging have always been there, the older drivers just knew where and where not to do it, such as in a turn. Back then you didn't have the spoiled little rich kids (Busch Bros. ) jumping up to the big league before their ready, but thats to blame on the owners not giving these guys more time in the lower brackets.

posted by vetteman at 08:58 PM on April 15, 2006

Of course, CB900, I know how Dale Earnhardt got the nickname. He gave it to himself. I was there. Do you know how Fireball Roberts got his nickname? They are both dead. I saw both crashes. And, you are right about the rest, however, NASCAR was a whiskey runners league back then and they now wants to globalize. NASCAR went out to get the rich Yankee driver, the rich Yankee sponsor and the rich Yankee fan, not necessarily in that order, so it could grow national and international. "Bubba ain't runnin' thangs no more" in the NASCAR shops, so Bubba don't need to be the only one thrilled. Also, NASCAR is big now, supposedly all grown up, which is the time to give up childish things (thangs?). By the way, vetteman, there were spoiled little rich kids at the tracks way back in the early years, Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty, to name only two.

posted by Bud Lang at 10:24 PM on April 15, 2006

By the way, vetteman, there were spoiled little rich kids at the tracks way back in the early years, Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty, to name only two. That's true. A lot of people think it was Richard that fought his way into the throne of "The King", but really he was just taking over the throne from his daddy Lee. Lee was one of the true pioneers of stock car racing back in the days when the cars really were souped up stock cars and not the several hundred thousand dollar chassiss with a phony formed body over them. I wish they still raced cars you could buy on the showroom floor and soup up yourself. A sweet dream of the old days of real Road Runners and 'Cudas.

posted by commander cody at 11:48 PM on April 15, 2006

Yes Bud you are right that NASCAR has grown up and gone big time,but now thay are fast becoming victims of there own success. I agree that for the good of the sport you can't have drivers throwing fists on national tv, but comeon , a ten grand fine and five months probation for Jeff Gordon's litte push.Ya broadcast in car radio between the driver and crew and then fine them for what is said in the heat of the race. Talent and maturity are no longer as important as how a driver looks holding the sponsers product. This is how drivers like the Busch Bros end up in over there heads. Beside the way the drivers are being packaged the cars are being turned into high priced kit cars. NASCAR has taken away the choice of trans. and rear end gears, spring rates and shocks. Instead of two tire compounds for teams to choose from Goodyear is mandated to bring soft tires so the drivers have to make more green flag stops. All this has caused is more yellow flags. If NASCAR really wanted to stop bump drafting(on super speedways) all that would have to be done is to go to a smaller motor and give the drivers the gas peddel back. This would however stop the nose to tale packs of thirty and forty cars and not make for as good of T.V..

posted by CB900 at 12:10 AM on April 16, 2006

Dale was not a victim of the bump and run. He came down to block Marlin and then was hit by Schrader as he was about to hit the wall. He didn't give himself the name INTIMIDATER this was the meadia. He got that name because drivers hated having the BLACK 3 behind them because the knew what would happen. But it was pure skill that allowed him to get into such positions to be a contender for the victory. As for the King all seem to forget that Nascar ran 58 or so races back then and not everybody showed up back then ,but Petty always did. This helped with his Stats when he would be out there running with the guys who basicaly would be your ARCA drivers today.

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Both the Busch boys are sniveling spoiled brats. It wasn't too long ago, Kurt was working for the city of las Vegas and running late models at the local track. He's obviously forgotten where he came from. Shrub is following closely in his brothers foot steps. I think they should both take a lesson from Carl Edwards. He told a reporter that it was a privilege to drive in the sport, and the only reason that the sport exsisted was because of the fans. Turns out, the guy can drive the wheels off a car too.

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I remember when Edwards said that. When he says that it's a privilege, I believe him. Anybody else and they're just saying it to get some face-time.

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First off, you know what he did? He squealed his tires leaving the parking lot. 99.9% of people who DO squeal their tires are not pulled over. If they are, they get a ticket, are told not to do it again, and go on their merry little way. Unlike his big brother, he wasn't going how many miles above the speed limit, driving through stop signs, and driving after drinking. Something sounds fishy to me... Second, spell the drivers' names correctly, okay? (That's just a personal pet peeve of mine...) Third, get your information straight. Dale Senior was bumped by Sterling Marlin, not Ken Schrader. (I remember reading articles and such detailing how Sterling had DEATH THREATS sent to him for what happened). Finally, incidents such as drivers' bumping each other and their significant others getting into catfights used to happen ALL THE TIME before Brian France and company decided that the sport needed to be "cleaned up". How many of you remember Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough getting into a fist fight after a race? (Okay, I don't, cuz I'm younger, but I KNOW it happened). If two drivers did that now, you know that their butts'd be kicked out of NASCAR. All the heads of NASCAR are doing is taking the personality out of the sport.

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How many of you remember Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough getting into a fist fight after a race? (Okay, I don't, cuz I'm younger, but I KNOW it happened). That was CLASSIC! Ok, ok, I'm revealing my age, but damn it was a great fight! First off, you know what he did? He squealed his tires leaving the parking lot. 99.9% of people who DO squeal their tires are not pulled over. I squealed my tires at a stop sign in a 1973 Pinto in Grand Forks North Dakota (stationed there in the Air Force) and got a $35 fine for it. They called it "Exhibition Driving". Little known fact, the 1973 Pinto had a 2000cc 4 cyl. Lotus engine in it (only year Ford did that) and kicked ass. I had 70 series Goodyear raised white letter racing tires on the front and 50's on the back (jacked it up with helper leaf springs. Damn thing looked like a steamroller from the back with all that rubber) and ET mags all around. The car came from the factory painted emerald green metalflake. $1500.00 only 6 months old when I bought it. Great ride.

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kinda funny how the cops are keeping quiet on this one...unlike last years kurt busch's run-in with the law,where the cops there were falling all over themselves, in releasing information(the so called evidence)whereas, shrub basically, smoked his tires,and gets ticketed for reckless driving,much ado about nuthin...stupid...

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...helper leaf... They'll be doing that a lot this year since they're out of the playoffs. Sorry, had to get my hockey fix again.

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I know...my tires squealed a bit when I got on the exit ramp to get to work...I was suprised I didn't get pulled over for reckless driving. Then again, I'm not a famous race car driver, so my gettin pulled over for squealing my tires wouldnt make the news. :p

posted by Lissa at 12:07 AM on April 18, 2006

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