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Junior is back.

I really think Hamlin's little quote about not wanting to wreck his fan base was his attempt to make a joke. You know, say something funny that's not meant to be taken seriously? And why am I not suprised the first person to get their panties in a bundle about someone not kissing Junior's butt was someone with the number "8" in their handle? (who the hell is Travis Kvapil? Does his family own Rival, and that's why he's on a crock pot?)

posted by Lissa at 04:07 AM on May 12, 2006

Sources: Favre to play '06 season for Packers

So let me understand what you're saying, bperk. You're saying, then, that even though he never worked with the same receiving core for what, more than a month, Favre still should be able to know the receivers timings EXACTLY? And he should be able to throw accurately when his offensive line's so full of holes that he gets hit on nearly every play? Gee, I didn't know that *insert name of deity you worship here* played quarterback. If the players didn't need to get adjusted to their new teammates, we wouldn't have minicamps and training camps, now would we? Now, if Favre's performance is abysmal this year, then maybe yes, he made a bad decision by coming back. But let's see what happens when the season's over with, okay?

posted by Lissa at 03:54 AM on April 28, 2006

The Flyers win a good one

Who'd have thought that the Avs would be up 3-0 with Theodore in net!? I did. Don't get me wrong, I love my Stars, and I love Marty Turco. But, once playoff times comes around, he disapears. I just hope that we win at least ONE game.

posted by Lissa at 02:56 AM on April 27, 2006

Sources: Favre to play '06 season for Packers

I agree. So what if Favre made Drew Bledsoe and Aaron Brooks look accurate? So what if he had 15 more ints last year than either one of those guys? So what if he had a passer rating about 70, lower than damn near every legit starter? None of this matters, people. Favre can't be blamed! Brett can pass the ball, but he can't catch it. When your tight ends and wide recievers can't seem to understand the concept of "catch the ball", it's hard to have complete passes. Same goes for the fact that he had what, seven different receivers in seven different games? I'm not saying that the bad QB rating WASN'T Brett's fault, but it's also not ALL his fault, either. I'm honestly suprised he DIDN'T retire with the media collectively stalking him asking him "You made a decision yet? How bout now? Now? Now?" Why do you think he had to have that press conference two weeks or so ago saying he hadn't made a decision? Because he said he THOUGHT about retiring and the national media assumed he WAS going to retire, and he had to clarify that he hadn't made a decision yet. Also, if Vince Young is available and we draft him, Ted Thompson should be taken to Brown Country Courthouse by the Packer faithful and shot. We don't need another quarterback! Our problem isn't a quarterback, it's the fact that Mike Sherman was too cheap to sign the good players on our offensive line, or our defensive line...I'd rather see Vernon Davis or Tamba Hali. I saw Hali play against the Badgers, and he HUMILIATED them...I think he'd be a good fit on our D-Line and compliment KGB. And who WOULDN'T want a TE that can outrun most WRs?

posted by Lissa at 02:52 AM on April 27, 2006

How to build a winner.

I liked gumby. I LOVED Gumby...he was probably my favorite Brewer growing up. And YAAH for Prince almost beating his dad's career stolen base record before the first month of the season's over. Somehow, I think he isn't gonna get much more than that, though. He's built too much like his daddy.

posted by Lissa at 12:10 AM on April 18, 2006

Is Kyle Busch following in his big brothers footsteps?

I tires squealed a bit when I got on the exit ramp to get to work...I was suprised I didn't get pulled over for reckless driving. Then again, I'm not a famous race car driver, so my gettin pulled over for squealing my tires wouldnt make the news. :p

posted by Lissa at 12:07 AM on April 18, 2006

How to build a winner.

After suffering the past ten seasons without even a glimpse at .500, I'm glad to see that my Brewers are getting as much press as they are. Then again, most of the years that we were lackluster, Bud Selig wasn't in charge of the team, his daughter was. And it's hard to keep a team in contention when you use your money for makeup and not to keep talented players...if she was still running the team, I can guarantee that we wouldn't have Lee (cuz we wouldn't have spent the money to resign him) and the minute Fielder and Weeks' contracts were up, they would offer the league minimum and they'd bolt to a different team. But I digress. While I was alive during the Brewers' glory years, I don't recall much of them. I just hope that Lee, Fielder, and Weeks end up bringing the memories to our young fans that Gantner, Molitor, and Yount bring to me. Oh, Holder, you been to the new Busch yet? How is it? I went to one game at the old Busch, and even though I was in the nose bleeds, it was still one of the nicest stadiums I'd been in. (Then again, compair anything to old County Stadium, and it'd be beautiful...XD)

posted by Lissa at 12:10 AM on April 17, 2006

There's no cheerleading in baseball!

Last I knew, they didn't have cheerleaders in Milwaukee. But give me Bernie Brewer over a bunch of cheerleaders any time! Then again, I don't particularly enjoy looking at women. :p

posted by Lissa at 11:57 PM on April 16, 2006

Is Kyle Busch following in his big brothers footsteps?

First off, you know what he did? He squealed his tires leaving the parking lot. 99.9% of people who DO squeal their tires are not pulled over. If they are, they get a ticket, are told not to do it again, and go on their merry little way. Unlike his big brother, he wasn't going how many miles above the speed limit, driving through stop signs, and driving after drinking. Something sounds fishy to me... Second, spell the drivers' names correctly, okay? (That's just a personal pet peeve of mine...) Third, get your information straight. Dale Senior was bumped by Sterling Marlin, not Ken Schrader. (I remember reading articles and such detailing how Sterling had DEATH THREATS sent to him for what happened). Finally, incidents such as drivers' bumping each other and their significant others getting into catfights used to happen ALL THE TIME before Brian France and company decided that the sport needed to be "cleaned up". How many of you remember Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough getting into a fist fight after a race? (Okay, I don't, cuz I'm younger, but I KNOW it happened). If two drivers did that now, you know that their butts'd be kicked out of NASCAR. All the heads of NASCAR are doing is taking the personality out of the sport.

posted by Lissa at 11:52 PM on April 16, 2006

Belfour's season is over

You mean back when Bill Wirtz actually put MONEY into his team, Will. I remember hating Eddie for beating my Stars, and then loving him for playing his butt off in the Cup finals in '99 and '00, and then laughing at his drunken antics. If this is the end of his career (and who says it is? Goalies are like left handed relief pitchers: as long as they're decent, they play forever), he's gonna be missed.

posted by Lissa at 03:47 AM on March 24, 2006

Knaus suspended through Atlanta

Crash said: "Rick Hendrick must have pictures of Mike Helton and Brian France tag-team-fucking a goat or something, that's all I can figure." Sounds like an answer I'd give. ;) I guess I look at things differently. Yeah, the crew chief should make sure that his crew doesn't screw up, but the mechanic or fabricator or whoever modified the car's ass should be benched, too, and not just Mr. Knaus's ass. And why should the driver be penalized for a crew screw up? Half the time, does he or she even know what the crew is doing? (If someone could clarify that for me, I would appreciate it.)

posted by Lissa at 12:37 AM on February 22, 2006

Ice Dancing Results

And they did show two other different downhill skiing events. One of which was primarily kissing Bode Miller's butt before he choked...again. Not to change the subject, but I am SO glad he's proving to be a joke with all the media coverage he gave himself and all the money spent hyping him. I work third shift, so I was asleep during most of the competition. Dancing is hard enough (take it from someone who can't even walk straight without stumbling without assorted alcoholic beverages), so doing it on ice should be a sport. Then again, I'm a racing fan (and yes, racing IS a sport! :p)

posted by Lissa at 12:37 AM on February 21, 2006

Stewart's aggressive side resurfaces at Daytona

Probably Knaus and/or Gordon. Oh, you said "what", not "who". My mistake. No, that's who WASN'T up his butt the night before. (But we're assuming Gordon HAS something here and Brooke didn't claim those in the divorce, too) (And yes, I did just make fun of my driver...) I wish I could mute the commentators during the race and listen to the radio broadcast, because the TV commentators are nothing more than mouthpieces for the "brains" behind NASCAR. I'd say about 95 percent of the stuff they said last year either was stuff that the heads were trying to pass or ended up agreeing with. (I'm STILL trying to figure out how a four letter words affects someone's driving...) And yes, there WAS no passing up top, but that probably had to do with the "no bump drafting" rule. Without bumpdrafting, they might as well give the cup to the first guy off of pit road on the last pitstop of the race, because that's who is going to win the race. Thank GOD we only have 4 restrictor plate races.

posted by Lissa at 12:32 AM on February 21, 2006

Stewart's aggressive side resurfaces at Daytona

*shakes her head at Tony* He's becoming as big of a hypocrite as the heads of NASCAR. Don't get me wrong, I love the boy (he's my favorite racer), but I just wonder exactly what was up his butt today. The first one...I'd say it was 50 percent Jeff Gordon's fault and 50 percent Tony's fault. But the Kenseth incident? 195 percent Tony's fault. Yet, he says that Kyle Busch is a bad driver? o.O While I'm not happy Jimmie Johnson won (kinda funny he drove through the infield after the race...), I'm glad he won for his pit crew's sake, cuz it's not TOTALLY their fault their boss is a putz. Oh, and just one other thing? Mr. Johnson's name is Jimmie. Jimmy Johnson is an ex football coach.

posted by Lissa at 01:34 AM on February 20, 2006