July 29, 2002

DC takes its quarterbacks seriously. And even with the slim pickings this year, the Washington Post has dissected them in this neat piece of multimedia.

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Spurrier has a tough decision on his hands. If I had to lose one, I'd get rid of the shortest QB, and that would be Wuerffel. Owillis, do you think Spurrier would let one of his alums (Matthews, Wuerffel) go? That is a cool little flash presentation, also.

posted by insomnyuk at 10:37 AM on July 29, 2002

Nice little presentation. I agree that Wuerffel should go.

posted by patrickje at 12:16 PM on July 29, 2002

I am not hot on Wuerffel. On the other hand, I think Sage Rosenfels may be an underrated "x-factor". I would hate the 'Skins to cut a somewhat promising young player (who would go somewhere else and play well, hello Trent Green) for someone like Wuerffel.

posted by owillis at 12:30 PM on July 29, 2002

Is this all I have to pick from? I'd take Charlie Batch or Jeff Blake over this crew.

posted by corpse at 01:08 PM on July 29, 2002

Oh man corpse, why don't you just go over to the 'Skins training camp and slap them in the face! At least you made me laugh :)

posted by insomnyuk at 01:38 PM on July 29, 2002

1482 Votes for the starting quarterback as of right now, and the current leader (Ramsey, 25.5%) is only 1.2% away from the current loser (Matthews, 24.3%). 'Skins fans seem to be pretty evenly divided here.

posted by Samsonov14 at 03:26 PM on July 29, 2002

I went up to Carlisle last Wednesday, for the third day of Skins training camp, and was impressed with the receivers (esp. Justin Skaggs...he was catching everything near him). Not so much with the QBs (and I'm about as die-hard a Gators fan as you'll find). Rosenfels seemed to have the strongest arm of the group. Wuerffel seemed to get more work then the others, and, unfortunately, Ramsey was absent. Going from what I actually saw, I think Rosenfels should get the starting nod, at least for the first preseason game, which is likely to happen anyway. I, however, would not be at all surprised to see Wuerrfel starting Week 1.

posted by bcb2k2 at 04:15 PM on July 29, 2002

I'd get rid of the shortest QB, and that would be Wuerffel. Considering he's also got "an average arm at best" and that "speed is another prized quality of current quarterbacks that Wuerffel sorely lacks," I would, too. That is a pretty nifty piece of multimedia. I guess you can figure out their ages based on their NFL experience, but I'd like it if they listed the ages explicitly. Sage Rosenfels is the pick of a pretty scruffy litter. From the way they descibe him, he could be a Billy Kilmer throwback (in terms of attitude, not necessarily in wounded-duck "spiral" throwing). None of them are like Daunte "Quarterback of the Future" Culpepper.

posted by kirkaracha at 05:52 PM on July 29, 2002

It will be an early test of Spurrier whether the whole "Florida allegiance" angle has been overplayed. Does he go with the QB from the prior regime who may be more talented, or with one of "his boys" from Florida? I've resigned myself to the fact that the 'Skins will never have a Culpepper type, but instead will have okay guys that have one good year (Doug Williams, Mark Rypien). With the defense they have, we may just need someone to handoff to Davis. :)

posted by owillis at 06:13 PM on July 29, 2002

it doesn't matter who the 'skins play at qb this year, as they are all underqualified/underexperienced/undertalented. an instructive example would be last year's dallas cowboys. without adequate performance at quarterback, the entire season is lost. fyi: the cowboys have yet to solve this problem, too. 6-10, 7-9, for both clubs.

posted by lescour at 09:27 PM on July 29, 2002

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