October 17, 2005

Seahawks secondary takes a hit.: Starting FS Ken Hamlin has a skull fracture & broken hand after a street brawl.

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Where was Ray Lewis last night?

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Just about every week you hear about another player who has been in an altercation or been accused of lewd behavior. Not just in Seattle, but Minnesota and even my beloved Chiefs have managed to make the papers this season. What is it that causes these circumstances. Some folks are quick to blame the players, and perhaps thats true. Then again has anyone thought that the public may relish the opportunity to take a swipe at these football players that America has made into celebrities. That we are jealous of their notoriety and when we see them out and about the results of our encounter make the news. The truth is probably a combination of such things. If you are thinking, as I know some are, that the players shouldn't be in the places they were in, think again. This isn't the army, they view football as a job and they unwind just like millions of other folks unwind.

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Well I had no motive in posting this just that it wasn't making news & my seattle buds were telling me he was near death after getting smacked w/ a road work sign.

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thats horrible!people are nuts.

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http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/football/245007_hamlin18x.html I can go with the "wrong time, wrong place" or "winding down" excuse, but it seems that Hamlin didn't do much to lessen the tension. Whether you're an athlete or not, there are going to be fights at clubs and bars. If you happen to have a goon squad of your own to mess some people up, great. If not, the key would appear to be to approach these situations as gingerly as possible, even if that means losing a little face.

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poor baby to bad for him. he'll survive hes a champ. people are nuts and evil.

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This story is getting real crazy. The man who beat up Hamlin showed up dead the next morning in a park in South Seattle.

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Yeah the body was found three hours later with multiple gunshots. The man's brother just confirmed it.

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More news from USA Today on the continuing Hamlin story. Sounds like Hamlin might not have done all he could to defuse the situation.

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The surveillance video from outside the club is on the seattle times site. Not much to it but it does show Hamlin following the guy down the street.

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Let me get this straight- Harry Hamlin got his ass kicked at a bar? What the fuck was he doing at a bar? When's the LA Law reunion coming on? Maybe he was doing research on a new role. Why would someone kick an out-of-work actor's ass for anyway? This world is fucked up!

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Milam, the man found dead a few hours after the altercation at Larry's, had been convicted of first-degree manslaughter, robbery, assault and a host of drug-possession counts. He had spent more than nine years in prison. In 1994, Milam was charged with murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter for shooting another man five times following a dispute over a craps game in Seattle's Pratt Park. Court papers describe Milam — an aspiring rapper also known as "T-Kidd" — as a member of the Black Gangster Disciples gang. His victim was a member of the rival Crips gang. An assault conviction in Yakima also involved a shooting, according to court papers.

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