January 30, 2005

Linger, Oh Linger, Heffelfinger: The highlight of attending NFL Experience, the Super Bowl event near Jacksonville's Alltel Stadium, was seeing Hall of Fame exhibits on loan from Canton. I didn't know the first pro football player had the Dickensian name of Pudge Heffelfinger. A standout at Yale, in 1892, Heffelfinger earned $500 ($10,200 in today's dollars) to play as a ringer for the Allegheny Athletic Association, a cheat that wasn't confirmed until 70 years later.

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Really cool link. Thanks, rcade.

posted by tieguy at 07:54 PM on January 30, 2005

Next Sunday we are all Heffelfingers!

posted by billsaysthis at 08:38 PM on January 30, 2005

"I am Pudge Heffelfinger." "I am Pudge Heffelfinger." "I am Pudge Heffelfinger." "Je m'appelle Pudge Heffelfinger." "I... ham .. Putch... HEFFelfinker." "Ich bin Pudge Heffelfinger." (etc.)

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There was also a lot of old equipment on display such as a full face helmet that must have been worn by the Hannibal [Mo.] Lecters. Looking at the gear, you could really appreciate how deranged those athletes must have been to play the game.

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Another local weblogger, David Knighton, attended the event on Saturday and saw something I wish I had seen: Pat Tillman's locker.

posted by rcade at 09:19 AM on January 31, 2005

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