January 29, 2005

Woman Mans the Blue Line: Angela Ruggiero skated the first meaningful hockey ever by a female position player in a men's pro league, netting an assist and checking an opposing player into the boards for the Central Hockey League's Tulsa Oilers.

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She got her wish at the start of the third period when both coaches and the Central Hockey League agreed to let her return to the ice with the Oilers leading 4-0. In her last shift, she fired a pass to Jason Bermingham, who scored to give the Oilers a 7-2 victory. Ruggiero finished plus 2. Although she was in the starting lineup, the CHL originally limited Ruggiero's playing time to the first period because she was an extra on the Oilers' roster. Need I say more, There is alot of good players that never got a shot but this is news? at least the guy she "checked" got the dignity of not being named. I don't Doubt her skills. would the guy that got cut for her got publicity for getting named as a healthy scratch. See all the publicity the greatest game on Earth not just on Ice can't raise an eye brow when it makes a breakthrough that no other professional on the planet would dare to do. I bet bettman just loves this kind of stuff, as a player fan makes me sick. gret'z if you can Take a bunch of spoiled baby's and make them stand up for their honor in the Olympic's Can You Make All Who Loved To See you change a game like nobody ever did Change this disgraceful situation before you have to return as a player to get a gate in your own arena. Thats the only record you don't have.

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History was made over a year ago when Haley Wickenhieser signed a contract in the Swedish league and played more than a period - several games in fact. It's arguable whether the CHL is better, but I can attest to Wickenheiser being the absolute best woman in the world. She's 24.

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Rather it was in the Finnish league and she was 25.

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Wickenheiser takes this one, easy. Check out her website here.

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The player getting checked by Ruggiero raises a question: Isn't it all-but-impossible that a male player would fight her? She could get chippy and never fear retaliation.

posted by rcade at 05:14 PM on January 29, 2005

No way. There's going to be some guy that won't care about her gender and swing away, and I'm sure she realizes that.

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Man, I read about this in Friday's paper and found myself driving to Tulsa yesterday afternoon...to visit my family. I really wish I'd've gone. Good on her, though. The Tulsa World ran a great article today. Unfortunately, they make it damn impossible for even subscribers to see their articles online, much less the rest of you all.

posted by Ufez Jones at 10:35 PM on January 29, 2005

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