December 16, 2004

And now for something completly different: When you're given a role, you do your role. People in this league gripe and moan when they don't agree with their situation. Griping and moaning isn't the way to handle it. You work harder and get ready for when your time does come.

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I just gloss over it whenever Jon-boy talks about god, because that's not my bag, but he has acted with class since he got to Cincy.

posted by mick at 07:36 AM on December 16, 2004

Never heard of the bloke but I like his style.

posted by squealy at 08:26 AM on December 16, 2004

Part of me wants to applaud and part of me wants to weep with despair. From a "real life" point of view, he's in a wonderful position. From a "sporting life" point of view, he's a lunatic.

posted by JJ at 08:28 AM on December 16, 2004

Class act all the way. I think Dennis Erickson gave him his first shot here in Seattle. Maybe he could help out the Niners if Erickson doesn't get canned there. I know, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, whatever, I root for Kitna all day and couldn't believe it when Palmer was given the starting job. You haven't heard the last of him though, he could certainly start for many teams at a bargain price as the article says.

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It's not like the Cincinnati offence is struggling. Hell, I don't think any team for the rest of this season is going to score 28 points against the Patriots at Kraft Field. Trade him and get some defensive cover.

posted by salmacis at 12:11 PM on December 16, 2004

couldn't believe it when Palmer was given the starting job Me neither, but watching him dismantle the Pats last weekend made it clearer to me. Admittedly Kitna came in and did much the same thing, so the scheme gets some of the credit, but Palmer (much as I hate to admit it in light of his Heisman voting antics) is scary good.

posted by yerfatma at 01:29 PM on December 16, 2004

I still don't think Palmer should have gotten the job. Kitna had a fine season in '03, and Carson, while strong for a rookie, hasn't been THAT fantastic. Twenty-six TDs against 15 INTs with the offensive talent of Cincy was nothing to sneeze at. My wish is for Kitna to get a trade to the Cowboys, or some other team that will start him for 16 games and see where the chips fall.

posted by wfrazerjr at 03:36 PM on December 16, 2004

What is an adopted cousin, exactly?????

posted by rainbaby at 12:36 PM on December 17, 2004

they are kitna's cousins. he and his wife adopted them.

posted by goddam at 02:31 PM on December 17, 2004

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