June 12, 2024

RIP The Logo, Mr Clutch: Jerry West, the inspiration for the NBA's logo, died peacefully at his home at the age of 86...One of basketball's most accomplished contributors, West was a staple of the sport across eight decades, winning nine championships as a player, scout, coach, executive and consultant. Jerry West's legendary career ended with him unquestionably among the sport's all-time greats.

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RIP Mr. West.

For a real treat, check out Lakers footage featuring West and Gail Goodrich running the offense with poetic fluidity and inventiveness in the absence of a three point line. And crowds dressed in their own clothes instead of merch and bling cheering the teams on without a Jaws-inspired soundtrack, London blitz light display and corporate branding all over the place.

You can hear the ball bouncing on the hardwood and hear people gasp as something remarkable happens.

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In 1962 game 7 is on TV the night before an electrical engineering final. Does Howard study hard and go to bed early? No no no. It's Celtics vs Lakers, we have to conquer the evil forces of West and Robertson, so watch the game we do. After 62 years I still have the scene of Frank Selvey's shot floating toward the hoop. It's somehow fitting that West's image became the logo. It's a warning of sorts that personal greatness is not always rewarded with championships, but it will always be recognized and applauded. RIP, Jerry West.

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I heard yesterday that when West finally won an NBA title as a player after all those bitter losses to the Celtics, his reaction was "is that all there is?"

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