March 05, 2024

Russell Wilson to be released by Denver Broncos: A Denver Broncos career that quarterback Russell Wilson hoped would result in multiple Super Bowl victories and an enhanced NFL legacy has ended after 725 days, 11 wins, 19 losses and zero playoff appearances.

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A record $85 million dead cap hit. (Walton family retail slogan: "Save Money. Live Better.")

John Elway traded away the farm to get Russell Wilson before parting ways with the Broncos.

Former Denver owner Pat Bowlen once owed John Elway less than a quarter of Wilson's dead cap hit in deferred salary.

He offered Elway a 20% ownership stake in the Broncos for the value of that deferred salary plus an additional $15 million in cash.

Elway declined the offer. Had he become an owner, his share would have been worth more than 10 times the value of Wilson's dead cap hit when the team was sold.

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I thought Sean Payton would turn Russell Wilson into another Drew Brees. Instead I find myself wondering if Wilson will start anywhere in 2024.

Elway turning down that offer is amazing. How could he not see the value of an NFL ownership stake that huge?

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Elway is a rich man by most anyone's standards, but he has been a major knucklehead about a few things through the years.

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By most people's standards, Elway is a wealthy man, but over the years, he has shown a lot of insensitivity about a few issues. io games

posted by alicebobby at 10:41 PM on March 20, 2024

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