September 07, 2023

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Glad to see so many people talking about the Detroit Lions for a change.
I want the league to feel good about putting the Lions in the season opener.
So go out there and compete, guys.
I've got my deep sided Detroit style pizza pan prepped and ready to go.

posted by beaverboard at 09:49 AM on September 07, 2023

Get yourself a few Coney dogs while yr at it

posted by NoMich at 09:58 AM on September 07, 2023

For those of us that have only gotten as close to the Motor City as Toronto -- where does Jet's fall in the local estimation? I have a feeling I'm going to wind up ordering a pepperoni + jalapeno* w/ Turbo Crust tonight.

(*SpoFi won't let me add a tilde)

posted by Ufez Jones at 11:13 AM on September 07, 2023

I like Jet's. There are, of course, local ma & pa places that are better, but Jet's is good.

Here's the weird thing about Michigan: Detroit style everything stays downstate. Coneys and that particular style of pizza were never introduced up north. Pasties and cudighi sausage, which are a staple of the western end of the Upper Peninsula, never found their way down to the lower peninsula. I don't get it. It's all delicious, so why did the cuisines stay so hyperlocal?

posted by NoMich at 02:43 PM on September 07, 2023

Cuisine is pretty tightly compartmentalized here in close quarters New England.

New Haven pizza is forever fighting a culture war with NYC pizza, but go an hour east or north from New Haven and you'll get a different style from either of those.

The best pizza in Hartford is made in Italian bakeries, not pizza joints.

In nearby Rhode Island, South Providence pizza is a very specific thing. Square pie, no cheese, just sauce and dough. I wasn't prepared to like it, but it's good. Even at room temp. Without the cheese, it's a lot less oily. The crust is almost like shortcake. You could probably serve it to the British royal family.

Out on Cape Cod, a lot of pizza joints have closed. It's on its way to being a pizza desert in terms of small family owned joints.

And if you speak Polish walking down the street in Boston, people might wonder what you're saying but you get out into central and western Mass. and there are Polish Catholic churches and people making and selling kielbasa and pierogis out of home kitchens. Some of them inspected and certified by the Board of Health, some not. People have been known to fly in to small regional airports, load up on kielbasa and fly out. To where, I don't know and haven't asked. Some things should remain a mystery.

posted by beaverboard at 05:37 PM on September 07, 2023

Everybody's a little Polish.

posted by bender at 10:54 PM on September 07, 2023

This corner of Southern New Hampshire is populated with people of varying ethnicity. Canadian Francophonic, Greek, Lebanese, Polish, Portuguese (there's a great Portuguese bakery in Nashua), and (of late) Indian are the most common. Italian heritage is not as common, so most of the Pizza places are local and Greek owned. Some have thinner crust, some use more oil, and some use more sauce or cheese. Variety we have, and while a few of the national chains survive, they are not the choice.

My wife and adult son and I returned yesterday (Friday) from 2 weeks in Nova Scotia. We were here, there, and everywhere, from visiting my cousins in the Digby area of western Nova Scotia to the beautiful Cape Breton Island. We were a bit late arriving at our inn on CBI, and that left us with little choice of restaurants. (Baddeck closes early.) One of the few choices available was a Pizza place called Tom's. Expecting the worst, we ran into something good. Standard crust (neither thick nor thin), good sau0ce in a decent, not excessive, amount, good cheese, and plentiful toppings. Who would expect high quality Pizza in a far corner of Nova Scotia.

posted by Howard_T at 02:24 PM on September 09, 2023

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