May 18, 2023

Pat McAfee Talks Himself Into Timeslot on ESPN: People questioned Pat McAfee for quitting the NFL at 29 when he had a $6 million contract as a punter. Six years later, he's leaving a $120 million contract with FanDuel to move his sportstalk show and gargantuan social media following to ESPN this fall in a deal exceeding $10 million a year. "Pat McAfee has always done things differently," writes sports business reporter Joe Pompliano.

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That was a pretty good breakdown.

My concern for McAfee is how long before he says something that upsets the ESPN brass? Sure he has total control right now, but at some point there will be a standoff over something he says. Wouldn't be surprised that this agreement only last 2 or 3 years (which maybe McAfee already knows that and is ok with that).

In the meantime, both ESPN and McAfee get to take advantage of what the other has to offer.

posted by jagsnumberone at 08:57 PM on May 18, 2023

Pretty amazing rise for a punter, a position that doesn't normally lend itself to any broadcasting careers. I don't watch or listen to his show. Does he ever talk punting?

posted by rcade at 09:10 AM on May 19, 2023

Pretty amazing rise for a punter

As opposed to what ever happened to the Colts' "idiot kicker" Vanderjagt.

I don't watch or listen to his show. Does he ever talk punting?

I think sometimes special teams comes up on the show. Mostly because McAfee's bro posse likes to remind him of some of his pro highlight moments.

Like this one.

posted by beaverboard at 10:13 AM on May 19, 2023

Helmet to helmet! Half the distance to the goal

posted by NoMich at 10:52 AM on May 19, 2023

That ruling carries extra weight coming from the Banhammermeister.

posted by beaverboard at 11:12 PM on May 19, 2023

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