March 21, 2023

Shakeup at Monday Night Football: Sources detail Troy Aikman’s rocky relationship with MNF crew in wake of production shakeup

posted by NoMich to football at 03:30 PM - 4 comments

When Aikman moved into the booth at Fox he was praised for working so hard to be prepared. Showing up on Monday to do the game is surprising.

I was bored by Aikman/Buck and Al Michaels last season. Some of it might be my excessive resistance to change, but I found myself thinking it was time for a new generation.

If you want to hear Michaels at his worst, find his call for the Jags field goal that completed the comeback against the Chargers.

posted by rcade at 09:21 PM on March 21, 2023

Requesting our local coding experts come up with an AI engine that allows us to resurrect the Pat Summerall / John Madden team for all future Superbowls. A sprinkling of Kevin Harlan and Jim Nantz would be nice as well.

posted by cixelsyd at 04:34 PM on March 22, 2023

... On that note Harlan, Dan Bonner, and Stan Van Gundy are the announcers for Thursday's SW16 games between Arkansas / UConn and UCLA / Gonzaga which should be the 2 best of the round. Not to be missed!

posted by cixelsyd at 05:10 PM on March 22, 2023

I always liked Dan Bonner. And Jon Sundvold and other members of the solid, less excitable announcers' club.

I may have been in the minority for liking the droll, unflappable manner with which Skip Caray called Atlanta Hawks games back in the early years of TBS, drawing on his baseball background.

posted by beaverboard at 12:42 PM on March 23, 2023

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