August 16, 2022

Tiger Woods Meets Top PGA Golfers to Rally Support: Tiger Woods will be meeting today with top PGA golfers to address the LIV menace. "It's a meeting to get the top 20 players in the world on the same page on how we can continue to make the PGA Tour the best product in professional golf," one invited player said.

posted by rcade to golf at 01:59 PM - 2 comments

If Cam Smith joins the bone saw Saudi tour, then the regime is only just starting to snag players that I might care about. They can have Mickelson, Bubba and the others that have already committed.

The easy way to end this thing would be to have someone stick a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad in the golf bag of each one of the defectors. You don't need a SEAL team to do that. I'd be in the agency control room with Jessica Chastain monitoring the situation via drone and satellite feed.

Maybe take Greg Norman to a black site for rendition. The 16th at Augusta.

posted by beaverboard at 02:28 PM on August 16, 2022

While the Saudis are awful, it's hard to muster up any real sympathy for the PGA Tour.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 07:56 PM on August 17, 2022

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