March 16, 2022

Joe Buck, Troy Aikman Take Over Monday Night Football: ESPN is bringing longtime Fox duo Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to Monday Night Football. The most esteemed broadcast booth in the NFL when Al Michaels and John Madden left in 2006, MNF has seen Joe Theismann, Tony Kornheiser, Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, Jon Gruden, Sean McDonough, Jason Witten, Booger McFarland, Steve Levy, Brian Griese and Louis Riddick shuffle through.

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That announcer list you ran down reminds me of this.

When I was in school during the Gifford-Cosell-Meredith heyday, watching MNF was such a priority that we didn't watch the Sunday games and prepped ahead so that we would not be buried in school work on Monday nights. Any teacher that gave us a test on a Tuesday was a bad person, clueless about the real world pressures of student life.

posted by beaverboard at 03:10 PM on March 16, 2022

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