February 19, 2022

Steelers Hire Brian Flores as Assistant Coach: The Pittsburgh Steelers have hired Brian Flores as senior defensive assistant in charge of linebackers, a move that comes as a surprise because he's currently suing three NFL teams and the league for discrimination. Flores alleges discrimination in league hiring practices. Some legal experts say his case has an uphill battle in court but could be devastating to the league even if he loses.

posted by rcade to football at 07:24 PM - 2 comments

Honestly a little shocked he got the gig, and I wonder if he is too. Figured he knew when he filed suit that he was going to get Keap'd. Good for him.

BTW, this almost assuredly means that Watson is getting traded to Pittsburgh, right? Flores and him are almost a package deal, the Steelers need a new QB, Watson remains young and very talented and, well... Let's just say Big Ben remained popular in that city.

posted by Goyoucolts at 11:17 PM on February 19, 2022

Good points. Alternatively, there are murmurs that Tomlin sees potential in Dwayne Haskins and even though he's focused on the other side of the ball, Flores just spent two years supervising the development of a young QB.

posted by beaverboard at 12:14 AM on February 20, 2022

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