January 31, 2022

Rams Have Perilous Future So They Better Win Now: No current regime in the NFL has treated the draft the way the Los Angeles Rams have -- which makes it that much more crucial for them to win Super Bowl 0x38. They've traded away every first-round pick from 2017 to 2023, given up second- and third-rounders for 10 weeks of Von Miller and are $14 million over the salary cap. "Instead of saving for retirement, they're buying that damn yacht and living it up in Marina del Ray," writes Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News.

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Getting sick and tired of sports "experts" making a big deal about Stafford never winning a playoff game while with the Lions. It was with the Lions for God's sake, even the great Berry Sanders couldn't get them over the hump, Megatron couldn't either. Sadly I've been a diehard Lions fan for over 60 years and no one player could never of taken them to the promised land. So regardless whether or not the Rams win it's time to recognize Stafford as a top level Quarterback who deserves proper respect.

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As a team LA never got to the Niners' Jimmy Garoppolo, but he knew the Rams' fearsome front was there.

Jimmy melted in the moment without being sacked. You can sack Joe Burrow nine times a game and he will still stand in there and compete.

This edition of the Rams will be doing well if they can match the track record of George Allen's acquired veterans-driven early 70's Washington teams that reached the Super Bowl once and then remained competitive for several years before going downhill in the pre-Joe Gibbs era.

The MVP's of the Rams are the personnel folks who insisted on Aaron Donald when everyone else was blowing their noses on him, and the medical and training staff who helped get Cam Akers back on the field ahead of schedule.

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