November 21, 2021

Florida Fires Dan Mullen: Dan Mullen is out as head coach of the Florida Gators after losing 9 of his final 15 games. He was set to begin another five-year deal at the beginning of 2022 -- a deal reached this year -- but will instead have only the solace of a $12 million buyout. Florida lost to Missouri in overtime Saturday 24-23 after getting the ball at their 29 with 1:04 seconds left in a tie game and making no attempt to get into field goal position, keeping it on the ground in a 3-and-out.

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Florida may find itself in the situation that other programs have in the past.

One day, everyone looks up and says: "Wait a minute. Who says that this program has to remain eternally relevant?"

Alabama and Michigan among others have gone through this morass, suffering the presence of mediocre head coaches because suddenly, no one of any true stature wants the job.

The Alabama HC gong show that took place between the tenures of Gene Stallings and Nick Saban was particularly funky. They hit rock bottom when they hired Mike Price.

There's a strange force at work when you can look at a formerly elite program and ask out loud: "Where are they going to find somebody who would take that job?"

Florida State and Miami are currently in deep doldrums. Florida is on its way to joining them. No one who saw these three schools in their heyday, winning championships and befuddling unimaginative teams from other parts of the country, would believe it if they were told that one day, collegiate football in Florida would be as ordinary as boiled brisket.

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