October 28, 2021

CFL Pick 'Em, Week Thirteen: Three big blowouts in the rear view mirror, and wet turf in the forecast. Grab your umbrella and make your picks inside.

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Blowouts across the board! Montreal dominates Toronto, Hamilton shuts down Ottawa, and Winnipeg shuts out the Lions. The Roughriders are the only team to give us some drama this week, coming back to edge the Stamps.

ResultMontreal by 21Hamilton by 29Winnipeg by 45Saskatchewan by 3
Margin of Error15 to 2720 to 3832 to 592 to 4

rcade picks every winner and adds the Hamilton margin for a tidy five point week.

SpoFiteTOR @ MTLSOTT @ HAMSBC @ WPGSSSK @ CGYSPointsTotal Points
argoal Hamilton Winnipeg 232
ic23b Hamilton Winnipeg 231
tommybiden Hamilton Winnipeg Saskatchewan 330
cixelsyd Hamilton Winnipeg 229
rcadeMontreal Hamilton24Winnipeg Saskatchewan 529
DrJohnEvans 028
Reever Hamilton Winnipeg 225
jagsnumberone Hamilton Winnipeg 223
Howard_T 019

A rainy weekend is forecast for Ontario and Qubec, and we've got three games scheduled within two hours of Kingston. Things could get messy.


Calgary @ Ottawa (Friday, October 29)
The Stamps missed a golden opportunity to move into second place last week, but a win against 2-9 Ottawa would help to make up for it.

Hamilton @ Edmonton (Friday, October 29)
Edmonton's season isn't over yet, but a Hamilton win this week would make it reeeeeeal tough to make a comeback.

B.C. @ Toronto (Saturday, October 30)
The Lions have scored 20 points in their last 3 games, which does not bode well against Rich Stubler and the Argos.

Saskatchewan @ Montreal (Saturday, October 30)
Is this right? The Alouettes have won four in a row? And are in first place? That snuck up on me.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 12:54 PM on October 28, 2021

Calgary by 27

Hamilton by 6

Toronto by 10

Montreal by 3

posted by ic23b at 01:51 PM on October 28, 2021

Calgary by 9

Hamilton by 7

Toronto by 13

Montreal by 7

posted by cixelsyd at 02:24 PM on October 28, 2021

Calgary by 19

Hamilton by 4

Toronto by 12

Montreal by 5

The O.P.P. are going to be looking for you, Dr.J., if you can get to BMO Field from Kingston in 2 hours.

posted by tommybiden at 05:34 PM on October 28, 2021

Calgary by 6

Hamilton by 23

BC by 3

Saskatchewan by 4

posted by jagsnumberone at 12:19 AM on October 29, 2021

Calgary by 23

Hamilton by 12

posted by rcade at 05:08 PM on October 29, 2021

Calgary by 14

Hamilton by 14

Toronto by 4

Saskatchewan by 3

posted by argoal at 05:54 PM on October 29, 2021

Calgary by 8

Hamilton by 17

Toronto by 6

Saskatchewan by 4

posted by Reever at 06:03 PM on October 29, 2021

Hamilton by 9

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:43 PM on October 29, 2021

Toronto by 12
Saskatchewan by 3

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:44 PM on October 29, 2021

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