March 22, 2021

Veterans Stadium Was His Home Field: A former lot worker at Philly's infamous Veterans Stadium has written a memoir about the three years he lived there. Tom Garvey wasn't speaking figuratively. The struggling Vietnam War veteran literally lived in a secret apartment he assembled in one of the facility's many nooks and crannies. His pad was 60- by 30-feet and the ceiling was 300-level seats. It had Astroturf carpeting, a bed, chairs, toaster oven, coffeemaker, space heaters and a stereo. "Everything a guy would want," Garvey said.

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And the story of the secret apartment, if difficult to substantiate, falls in the Philadelphia tradition of taking a strange idea as far as possible...

"It's hard not to think that this is the kind of thing that could only happen in Philly,"

Absolutely. Ira Einhorn, Basement of Horrors, Swiss Cheese Pervert, the mouse infestation pizza shop war and so on. There's something in the wooder.

The last any of us heard from SpoFite Weedy McSmokey, he said he was moving from Canada to Philadelphia. Vanished without a trace.

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Not for nothin but is available, rcade

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