December 31, 2020

Ryan Fitzpatrick Out for Game 17 After Positive Covid Test: Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss the team's final game. Tua Tagovailoa, benched for Fitzpatrick last weekend, is not considered a high-risk close contact.

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That is a drag. Fitz deserves to be on hand to possibly dispense one more dose of magic.

Beating the Bills in Buffalo will be a tall order. Having Fitz available would give them a better chance of winning. He kind of knows that stadium pretty well.

Unfortunately, Tua will likely spend his pro career looking up at Justin Herbert. And possibly Jalen Hurts. That's the way it goes.

This is where Coach Flores has to realistically assess what he's got and build a team that can win with Tua at QB - if he's going to be their guy for the long haul.

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Fitzpatrick passed these quarterbacks in career passing yards this season: Troy Aikman, Steve Young, Phil Simms, Tony Romo and Jim Everett. He's now 30th all-time and no one in that group has played for more teams.

posted by rcade at 10:19 AM on January 01, 2021

My picks:

Buccaneers by 6 (lock)
Falcons by 4 (lock)
Bills by 5 (lock)
Vikings by 2 (lock)
49ers by 7 (lock)
Titans by 2 (lock)
Colts by 2 (lock)
Chargers by 2 (lock)
Panthers by 3 (lock)
Jaguars by 2 (lock)
Chiefs by 6 (lock)
Patriots by 3 (lock)
Saints by 1 (lock)
Giants by 1 (lock)
Rams by 7 (lock)

Testing out the form.

posted by rcade at 06:56 AM on September 07, 2021

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