October 12, 2020

Big Red Machine member, Hall of Famer Joe Morgan has died: A beloved member of the Big Red Machine and hall of famer Joe Morgan has died, according to Sports Illustrated. He was 77.

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Was just heading here to post this. Tough week for baseball icons. Joe Morgan was a great player and class act.

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In 1975 I would gladly have kidnapped Joe Morgan, tied him up in chains, and placed him in a shipping crate that would not have been opened until mid-November. That's the inbred Boston Red Sox fan in me speaking. (I was actually born less than a mile from Fenway Park.) The baseball fan in me knows how great a player and person was Joe Morgan. May he rest in peace and never again be intimidated by having to face Bob Gibson, Whitey Ford, or Tom Seaver.

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Announcers loved Joe Morgan because he gave them something to talk about as soon as he stepped in to the batter's box. Yakkers like Kubek, Garagiola and Gowdy never missed an opportunity to go on about Morgan's signature chicken wing elbow flap as he was waiting for a pitch.

And then when they wouldn't shut up about it, the man would invariably get a pitch he could work with and put the ball in play, thereby saving our souls and our sanity. Thank you Joe.

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Great player and the definition of class and sportsmanship. One of my first sports heroes as a kid.

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