August 23, 2020

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle:

A place to discuss the sports stories that aren't making news, share links that aren't quite front-page material, and diagram plays on your hand. Remember to count to five Mississippi before commenting in anger.

posted by huddle to general at 06:00 AM - 8 comments

Who wore it best? Sunrisers Hyderabad? Utah Jazz? Houston Astros?

posted by NoMich at 11:16 PM on August 23, 2020

Horizontal or vertical?

posted by beaverboard at 11:46 PM on August 23, 2020

Beaverboard's version is more, er, three dimensional so I'll go with it.

posted by billsaysthis at 11:09 AM on August 24, 2020

Smoking or non-smoking?

posted by beaverboard at 01:11 PM on August 24, 2020

That brings me back to the days when I almost lived on an airplane. Some day I will tell you the story of Boston to Los Angeles with 2 passengers and 2 flight attendants in 1st class. When I deplaned I was seeing many colors.

posted by Howard_T at 01:41 PM on August 24, 2020

Either will do, beav.

posted by cixelsyd at 04:31 PM on August 24, 2020

Are we talking about a spread offense? ^_^

posted by FLsportsman at 05:40 PM on August 24, 2020

lol, Howard, reminds me of my flight from SFO to Sydney on a 747 with fewer than 30 passengers. Great flight!

posted by billsaysthis at 11:19 AM on August 25, 2020

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