April 01, 2020

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It looks like Andrew Luck is coming out of retirement.

Great timing on his part to decide something like that in the middle of a pandemic.

It gets complicated from there:

1) He wants to play for the Buccaneers
2) He wants to be the starter - even though they recently signed Tom Brady
3) He wants to wear his usual #12 - but Chris Godwin had that number and just gave it to Brady

When asked why he wanted to play for the Bucs, Luck said: "Well, they're my first choice, but it could be any of the Florida teams. If I get re-injured and have to go to the hospital, it would be great if that happened in a state where a guy like Ron DeSantis is the governor."

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beaverboard, please tell us that today's date has nothing to do with the accuracy of this post. (Not bad anyway)

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True story: Cavs cheerleader came up to me during 96 Knicks game. Said, "Are you Mike Wise from The NY Times? OMG, I read everything you write." I went to talk to her after game and she blew me off. I walked into locker room. Patrick Ewing looked up and smiled: "April Fools."

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New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA) has announced new opening dates for athletics. May 4 is the first practice date, and May 13 the first game day. This is all contingent upon the situation with Covid-19 in New Hampshire. Maybe some of my umpiring season can be saved. While I wouldn't put anything past them, I don't think NHIAA would pull an April Fools joke like this.

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