December 31, 2019

NBA Pick 'Em Week 11: Pelicans Winning Streak Edition: There are six games to forecast this week from Thursday to Monday in an NBA TV/ESPN/NBA TV sandwich. It was a blue Christmas in our contest, with a high of 5 points (Ufez) and a low of -20 (no comment). Ufez is in first with NoMich 22 behind. Make your picks. Happy New Year!

This Week's Games 11

Toronto at Miami on NBA TV (Thursday)
Detroit at L.A. Clippers on NBA TV (Thursday)
Philadelphia at Houston on ESPN (Friday)
New Orleans at L.A. Lakers on ESPN (Friday)
Oklahoma City at Philadelphia on NBA TV (Monday)
Golden State at Sacramento on NBA TV (Monday)

Teams playing more than once: Philadelphia.

Last Week's Results

Boston 118, Toronto 102 (11 < 16 < 21)
Philadelphia 121, Milwaukee 109 (8 < 12 < 16)
Golden State 116, Houston 104 (8 < 12 < 16)
L.A. Clippers 111, L.A. Lakers 106 (3 < 5 < 7)
New Orleans 112, Denver 100 (8 < 12 < 16)
Dallas 102, San Antonio 98 (3 < 4 < 5)
Utah 121, Portland 115 (4 < 6 < 8)

Player Scores

NoMich's picks

Houston by 17 [lock], -10 points
L.A. Lakers by 8, 0 points
Denver by 15 [lock], -10 points
Dallas by 7, 5 points
Utah by 10 [lock], 10 points

rcade's picks

Toronto by 4, 0 points
Milwaukee by 3, 0 points
Houston by 12 [lock], -10 points
L.A. Lakers by 8, 0 points
Denver by 11 [lock], -10 points

scooby10672's picks

Toronto by 3, 0 points
Milwaukee by 4 [lock], -10 points
Houston by 9, 0 points
L.A. Lakers by 3 [lock], -10 points
Denver by 12, 0 points
Dallas by 8 [lock], 10 points
Utah by 6, 10 points

Ufez Jones's picks

Boston by 5, 5 points
Milwaukee by 7, 0 points
Houston by 19 [lock], -10 points
L.A. Lakers by 4, 0 points
Denver by 21 [lock], -10 points
Dallas by 14 [lock], 10 points
Utah by 12 [lock], 10 points


PlayerTotal ScoreThis Week
Ufez Jones2945

Picks must be submitted in this discussion before the game's tipoff. So if you miss Tuesday games you can still choose the games for the rest of the week.

posted by rcade to basketball at 06:47 PM - 6 comments

R.I.P. David Stern.

Heat by 6
Clippers by 14 (SLAM)

posted by Ufez Jones at 04:25 PM on January 01, 2020

Miami by 8
L.A. Clippers by 18

Houston by 10
L.A. Lakers by 14

Oklahoma City by 7
Sacramento by 4

posted by NoMich at 08:04 PM on January 01, 2020

I had put together a post with my picks for last week while sitting in church on Christmas Eve awaiting the 3rd service (High Mass). I had worked at the first 2, and I needed to sit through one for spiritual refreshment and a change. For some unknown reason, the picks didn't get posted. Either I didn't click on the Post Comment button or the parish WiFi didn't connect (probably the former), but in review I think not posting, thus getting a zero for the week, was a bit of a Christmas gift to myself. It would have been a disaster. Let's see if we can do better this week.

Thursday, Jan. 2:

Raptors face the very hot Heat, and might become leftover Christmas turkey. Miami by 7

Looks like the Detroit engine has some damaged pistons. Los Angeles (non-purple) by 15 SLAM

Friday, Jan. 3:

76ers seem to have a few problems gelling into the team they should be, while Rockets seem to score at will. Houston by 11

Pelicans go to meet old friend Anthony while they await the impending coming of Zion. Los Angeles (purple) by 18 SLAM

Monday, Jan. 6:

(12th Day of Christmas is done; Feast of the Epiphany; Magi finally make it to Bethlehem)

Thunder rumbles in the City of Brotherly Love, but the sound is muted. Philadelphia by 9

When a Warrior attacks a King, he must strike to kill. Ain't likely to happen. Sacramento by 12 SLAM

posted by Howard_T at 04:24 PM on January 02, 2020

L.A. Clippers by 17 (dunk)

posted by rcade at 09:34 PM on January 02, 2020


Houston by 4 SLAM
LA Lakers by 9


Philadelphia by 4 SLAM
Sacramento by 5

posted by scooby10672 at 04:20 PM on January 03, 2020

OKC by 5
Sacramento by 17 (slam)

posted by Ufez Jones at 01:46 PM on January 06, 2020

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