June 06, 2019

Fan Who Shoved Raptors Player is a Warriors Owner: During last night's NBA Finals game, Toronto Raptors player Kyle Lowry fell into the courtside seats chasing a ball. A fan in the front row shoved him and according to Lowry also said some vulgarities towards him. That fan is Golden State Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens, who was escorted out and has been banned from the rest of the series. There's more on Deadspin. Lowry said the fan should be banned for life.

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I'm surprised the owner went so quickly and willingly and didn't try to pull a "Do you know who I am?" act. It would have been interesting if he had refused to go. He had a credentials badge and the whole bit.

If the Warriors' reign is coming to a close, I was hoping it would end valiantly. But now it's taken an ugly turn. Especially since Stevens shoved someone of Lowry's stature. This has nothing to do with the Golden State players, but the haters won't care.

[The Ken Follett version of this is that Lacob paid Stevens to do it while purposely holding Thompson and Durant out of action so that viewership and interest would increase upon their dramatic return. The series would be extended by losses in their absence while building the image of the Raptors as an imposing foe that would have to be miraculously overcome (and also increasing broadcast revenue), and the Warriors could win the title at home in Game 6, the last game to be played at Oracle].

posted by beaverboard at 03:42 PM on June 06, 2019

The weird shove reminds me of how British soccer fans react when an opposing player tumbles into the crowd. They always look murderous.

This past season Sunderland's Luke O'Nien was kicked by a Portsmouth fan. O'Nien declined to press charges. He said after the game it was "just a bit of handbags" and added, "I've seen my little cousin hit harder than that."

posted by rcade at 04:06 PM on June 06, 2019

I, for one, am shocked SHOCKED I TELL YOU to see a Silicon Valley venture capitalist/tech bro behaving in such an entitled manner.

And although the "shove" was closer to a "nudge," I understand the whole "you purposefully make contact with a player, you're out" policy. There really isn't room for discretion there.

posted by tahoemoj at 07:34 PM on June 06, 2019

Guy did it while hiding behind a woman, no less. Doesn't surprise me at all knowing first hand the character of most investment capitalists.

Does he have enough money that the NBA gives him a pass, or do they ban him like they would any other fan who engaged a player?

posted by cixelsyd at 10:29 PM on June 06, 2019

Does he have enough money that the NBA gives him a pass, or do they ban him like they would any other fan who engaged a player?

A one year ban from NBA arenas, a $500,000 fine.

posted by tommybiden at 11:02 PM on June 06, 2019

It's a daggone good thing I went into the live bait and muskrat business. Seems like if I'd a gone into venture capital, I would've been shown the door round here a good while ago.

That's what I like about Mr. Khan of Jag Dynasty. He made his money in truck bumpers. Hell yeah.

posted by beaverboard at 08:06 AM on June 07, 2019

The only thing more Jacksonville would be if he'd made it in bumper nuts.

posted by rcade at 10:40 AM on June 07, 2019

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