March 27, 2019

NBA Pick 'Em Second-to-Last Week: LeBron's New Normal Edition : There are two weeks left in the NBA regular season. The Pace Mannion Pick 'Em has six games to pick this week and 11 next week. Florida Man leads NoMich by 29 after hitting a Boston-over-L.A. lock exactly. Howard_T is in third. Make your picks.

This Week's Games 24

Indiana at Oklahoma City on ESPN (Wednesday)
L.A. Lakers at Utah on ESPN (Wednesday)
Denver at Houston on NBA TV (Thursday)
Indiana at Boston on NBA TV (Friday)
Philadelphia at Minnesota on NBA TV (Saturday)
Charlotte at Golden State on NBA TV (Sunday)

Teams playing more than once: Indiana.

Last Week's Results

Cleveland 107, Milwaukee 102 (3 < 5 < 7)

Player Scores

rcade's picks

Milwaukee by 5, 0 points


PlayerTotal ScoreThis Week
Ufez Jones3770

Picks must be submitted in this discussion before the game's tipoff. So if you miss Tuesday games you can still choose the games for the rest of the week.

posted by rcade to basketball at 01:18 PM - 11 comments

Player scores for the last week of picks are here.

Next week's picks to decide the champion begin on Tuesday April 2 and stretch all the way to the final day of the season eight days later.

posted by rcade at 01:26 PM on March 27

Oklahoma City by 7
Utah by 12

Houston by 7

Boston by 9

Philadelphia by 7
Golden State by 14

posted by NoMich at 01:34 PM on March 27

Oklahoma City (Wednesday) by 5
SLAM Utah (Wednesday) by 12 SLAM
Denver (Thursday) by 3
Boston by 6
SLAM Philadelphia (Saturday) by 9 SLAM
SLAM Golden State (Sunday) by 17 SLAM

posted by bender at 01:51 PM on March 27

Easier to keep the lead when we don't have the competition, eh?

posted by Ufez Jones at 01:53 PM on March 27

I know! That's why I'm rooting for NoMich.

posted by rcade at 01:57 PM on March 27

If you truly want to root for me, you will go back to June and find out who won the NBA playoffs pick 'em.


posted by NoMich at 03:03 PM on March 27

OKC by 6
Utah by 13 (SLAM)

posted by Ufez Jones at 06:40 PM on March 27

Oklahoma City by 8
Utah by 10 <-- dunk
Houston by 9
Indiana by 4
Philadelphia by 8 <-- dunk
Golden State by 10 <-- dunk

posted by rcade at 07:59 PM on March 27

Too late for the Pacers vs Thunder game, but there's still time for Lakers vs Jazz.

Utah by 12 SLAM

I'll get the rest later.

posted by Howard_T at 09:13 PM on March 27

Now for the unfinished business:

Thursday, Mar. 28:

Nuggets need this one to tie Golden State for 1st in the West. Rockets have a 2-game lead over Utah for a home court position. If both are playing for position, then I favor Houston, but is it possible that one or both might be "looking at their playoff options"? Denver by 6

Friday, Mar. 29:

I gave away my seats for this one to a fund raiser for the PTO at the school where my wife works, and I now regret it. I will be going to a comedy night event that our church runs (as a fund raiser) every year during Lent. It's something to briefly take one's mind off of the theme of repentance and introspection that goes with the season. Will I be laughing as the fans at TD Garden are crying? Celtics need this one to even the record between the 2 teams and give themselves a shot at home court for the first round of the playoffs. Of course, Pacers will be trying to prevent this. Celtics are at home. Boston by 11

Saturday, Mar. 30:

The 76ers don't need to worry about playoff position. Look for them to limit the minutes or even rest some of their main men. T-Wolves are out of the playoff picture, but might be trying to please their fans and keep next year's season ticket sales from going south. Minnesota by 8

Sunday, Mar. 31:

Hornets are just 1 1/2 games behind Orlando and 1/2 game behind Miami for the final playoff spot in the East. They will be working hard. On the other hand, how much do Warriors want the top spot? In the West? Considering current standings, the West playoff bracket should go according to the chalk for the first round, but could produce some upsets in the second. If it comes down to it, Denver in the #1 spot could present a real problem for whomever they face in the final. Golden State by 15

posted by Howard_T at 06:36 PM on March 28

Missed the Thursday game (long day)

Friday: Pacers by 5
Saturday: Philly by 9 (SLAM)
Sunday: GSW by 19 (SLAM)

posted by Ufez Jones at 04:25 PM on March 29

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