February 19, 2019

Manny Machado to Padres in surprise end to endless saga: According to MLB.com, San Diego will give Machado the biggest free-agent contract in history — if not the biggest deal ever, which belongs to Giancarlo Stanton — meeting his reported 10-year, $300 million ask.

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In a recent interview on NESN, the cable channel for the Red Sox, Sox owner John Henry was speaking of the free agent market. He said, in essence, that the free agent market, is essentially a free market, and a free market doesn't always behave the way one would expect. Padres appear to have restored a bit of normalcy to things. Good move or bad on their part of course remains to be seen.

The image of Manny Machado ending the 2019 World Series on one knee after waving futilely at a nasty Chris Sale pitch is one that provides me immense satisfaction every time I see it.

posted by Howard_T at 02:54 PM on February 19, 2019

I'd rather have Harper over Machado, but this seems like a good deal for the Padres if they can make something of themselves the next few years.

posted by rcade at 02:55 PM on February 19, 2019

I think there was just a game of chicken going on this offseason: who was going to be the first franchise to break down and sign one of these high-dollar FAs? Now that one of them is signed, the market is set, now the other guy can get signed by whomever. Will it be the Phillies that signs Harper?

posted by NoMich at 02:56 PM on February 19, 2019

Talk about a body shot for the organization trying to extend Mike Trout ......

posted by cixelsyd at 04:40 PM on February 19, 2019

I'm a Padre fan, and I'm OK with this. He might even help them win as many as 70 games next season!

But seriously, the Pads have had been ridiculously managed (from the front office, not on the field) for decades, letting potential stars walk instead of trying to keep them, trading away future stars for prospects, or trading our few decent prospects for washed veterans. While 10 years might be a bit much, since Machado is only 26 I don't expect the contract to be as big an albatross as Pujols' is for the Angels, and for once we managed to get a star player in his prime while we supposedly have the #1 farm system in the majors, and all we had to do was spend money. That is not a thing a Padre fan is used to. If the guys in the farm system mature in 2-3 years, either to the point where they can be good players for the Pads or traded for a lot more firepower, this was a great decision for the team. I certainly don't think it would be the same or make as much sense for a lot of other organization.

A lot of times, it feels like the Padres make moves just to make moves and look like they're doing something. This feels different.

posted by LionIndex at 07:23 PM on February 19, 2019

I want the Padres to be relevant. I just wish they hadn't been relevant in 1984.

posted by beaverboard at 08:09 PM on February 19, 2019

Well, that's one of two times.

posted by LionIndex at 08:33 PM on February 19, 2019

Some talking head on the MLB network was yammering on about how this is a great fit with all of the young talent that the Padres have. So, maybe this will turn the team's fortunes around?

posted by NoMich at 09:07 PM on February 19, 2019

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