January 16, 2019

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Hey, polar vortex NFL fans, I was looking at the GFS weather modeling for this Sunday Jan. 20. They have a map titled Departure from Normal Temperature.

In the display of the continental US, the place that has by far the most extreme negative temperature departure from normal is Kansas City at -23F.

KC's Arrowhead Stadium has a heated field, so the turf won't be frozen rock solid. But the air temperature will be hard to handle.

I watched the Dallas-Green Bay Ice Bowl as a kid and the TV coverage they had in those days couldn't really portray how cold it was. The game action looked distant and washed out. We were watching on a small tabletop black & white TV - the screen was around 16" or so. Measured diagonally.

A few years ago, The Giants won a playoff game at Lambeau in very cold weather on their way to the Super Bowl, but it was a night game in clear air under bright lights. It didn't look that bad on TV.

The coldest looking playoff game I ever watched was the San Diego - Cincinnati Freezer Bowl playoff game in January 1982. That was pure misery to witness. Looked like a human endurance test.

This Sunday, the Pats will need to channel their Sons of Mosi Tatupu winter resilience energy.

It's nuts that the dome game is set for the afternoon and the outdoor game has to be played at night. They should swap the game times around. There will be frat boys in togas at the Rams-Saints game.

posted by beaverboard at 10:14 AM on January 16, 2019

For KC on Sunday night (from NOAA's web site):

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 12.

Just for the real kick in the genital region, the temperature will skyrocket up to 35 the next afternoon. But to your point, beaverboard, about why they that can't play the game in KC when the sun is out on Sunday, the outlook is this:

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 18.

Not much of a difference.

Oh god, how I loathe those winter time high pressure systems. I remember those well in Northern Michigan; all of the wood stove smoke coming out of the chimneys was straight up into the sky, no bends at all. Looking out the window and seeing that and the twinkling stars in the predawn sky was a mighty grim site for me, especially when I was working that outside job at a sawmill. I loved snowy mornings because that meant warmer temperatures for the day.

posted by NoMich at 10:39 AM on January 16, 2019

Cold weather should play in the Patriots favor, at least from what I've seen in the playoffs so far. NE hasn't used too many deep routes lately and have been very successful with short sweeps, screens, and crossing patterns along with a solid running game. KC relies heavily on throwing the ball both short and long. Both teams run the ball equally as well.

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The coldest looking playoff game I ever watched was the San Diego - Cincinnati Freezer Bowl playoff game in January 1982.

I was an energetic lad of just 11, residing in Cincinnati on that fateful day. Temperature was about -10, if memory serves, with a further -30 wind chill. My brother and I stepped outside only to test the theory that one could hock a loogie in the air, and it would freeze before hitting the ground. If I recall, the theory was bullshit, but it gave my big brother an excuse to spit at me. I remember all the reports of dumbasses in the stands taking their shirts off, and then visiting the hospital post-game with frostbite. Who Dey?

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What's that old saying? If can beat them, join them. Right?

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What's that old saying? If can beat them, join them. Right?

Good for Jalen. I am not qualified to know if he can play on Sundays, but going to OU gives him a better chance than staying at 'Bama.

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Not only that, but look at who the last two Heisman winners were.

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We need a SpoFi college football transfer tracker app.

I'm not a member of a faith community myself and I don't do Twitter, but quite honestly, there are times when I go to the Twitter feeds of people like Jalen Hurts just to read positive messaqes of fellowship, trust, respect, and inspiration. It provides me with an antidote to the poisonous element of daily life.

And yeah, Tua's feed too.

Sharay Reed and other gospel giants are also among my favorite Twitter visitees. Thank goodness they're out there. Go Spanky, go Tribbett fam.

posted by beaverboard at 02:39 PM on January 17, 2019

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