November 27, 2018

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle:

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I didn't have a chance to post this yesterday. Former Knicks and Celtics star Willie Nauls has passed away. video contains advertising Naulls was a 4-time all star with the Knicks. The last 3 years of his career were spent with the Celtics where he was a part of 3 championship teams. When Red Auerbach signed him, Naulls was considered be "washed up". Auerbach maintained that while he indeed was not the player he once was, for 12 minutes he was as good as he ever was. A valuable bit of depth thus was added to an already great Celtics team. What I had not understood was how Willie Naulls stood as one of the pioneers in the NBA. He was the first black captain of the Knicks, and with the Celtics he was a member of the first all black starting lineup in NBA history. Naulls was just 7years older than I, and remembering that I watched him with the Celtics reminds me of just how old I am.

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I was surprised to discover that Detroit brought former lights out Bills QB Nathan Peterman in for a workout.

OK, maybe I wasn't surprised. Wonder if they got the idea from a Lion Whisperer... Marinelli, Mornhinweg, or Millen.

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My annual winter tradition begins again:

Daily/hourly refreshing of the Baseball Hall of Fame Vote Tracker.

My favourite early trend: Edgar Martinez is +3 votes just from the first 7 announced returning voters.

Current leader for WTF ballot: Steven Marcus, who voted for just TWO players.

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That Steven Marcus link includes a link to his last several ballots, all of which have no more than 4 players selected. It's like he thinks they'll take his votes away if he votes for anyone other than just the ones elected that year (even though he was wrong about that on a couple).

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Thanks Howard, that was a name I did not know.

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