November 08, 2018

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Division Semi-Finals Edition: The long grind of the season is over and it's time for the sprint to the Grey Cup. (But to be honest, they're mostly sprinting to try to get these games in before the glaciers move in for the season.) Our leaderboard starts fresh for the playoffs and all are welcome. Grab your union suit and make your picks inside.

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B.C. Lions (9-9) @ Hamilton Tigers-Cat (8-10) (Sunday, November 11, 1:00pm ET)

Another crossover this year, but a slightly more traditional one: B.C.'s 9-9 record wouldn't have won them the east (but it would have secured them a home playoff date). Hamilton QB Jeremiah Masoli has led the charge this year with both arm and legs. But with three top receivers out with injury (and the Lions' linebackers bolstered by LB Soloman Elimimian's return) he'll have his work cut out for him. B.C. may have the edge on defence, but they'll need to score to win, and out of all playoff-bound teams this season, they scored the fewest total points. Eastern Semi-Final Preview »

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (10-8) @ Saskatchewan Roughriders (12-6) (Sunday, November 11, 4:30pm ET)

This has been Saskatchewan's first really strong year since the Lost Seasons of 2015-16. Sure, maybe they didn't score quite as much as you'd like, and their defence wasn't super sharp, and maybe a bunch of their wins were tight. But they are hot at the right time, winning five out of their last six to close the season. (The sixth? They got shut out.) Winnipeg, on the other hand... huh! They've been kind of sneaky good. They led the league in scoring! I didn't know that. Did you? Okay, this should be a pretty fun game. Western Semi-Final Preview »

Swayze Waters Memorial (Take 2) River Salmon Bonus

Pick the kicker who will score the most points this weekend. That includes place-kick field goals, drop-kick field goals, PATs, singles, and fake field goals thrown for touchdowns.

2018 Kicking Stats »

Las Vegas Posse Memorial Bonus

The combined over/under on total points scored for both games is 104.5. Will the actual number of points scored this weekend be OVER or UNDER that total?

Example pick: Ottawa by 21, Winnipeg by 14, Medlock, Over.

Good luck!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 11:21 PM on November 08, 2018

BC by 9

Wpg by 6



posted by cixelsyd at 09:43 AM on November 09, 2018

hammy four

bombers by four



posted by argoal at 04:22 PM on November 09, 2018

Hamilton by 3

Saskatchewan by 6

Kicker- LAUTHER,


posted by ic23b at 08:20 PM on November 09, 2018

Hamilton by 6

Winnipeg by 6



posted by tommybiden at 03:53 PM on November 10, 2018

Hamilton by 3

Saskatchewan by 4



posted by jagsnumberone at 04:11 AM on November 11, 2018

B.C. by 3

Saskatchewan by 9



posted by rcade at 08:31 AM on November 11, 2018

BC by 4

Winnipeg by 3



posted by Reever at 09:59 AM on November 11, 2018

Hamilton by 3

Saskatchewan by 3



posted by JPR at 10:03 AM on November 11, 2018

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