June 27, 2018

Keep Winning, England -- Your Fans Can't Cry in Their Beer: Is there a worse time than the World Cup for a beer shortage to hit the U.K.? The lack of enough food grade CO2 has required beer to be rationed. One wholesaler is limiting pubs and restaurants to 10 cases of beer. The trade journal Gas World calls it the "worst supply situation to hit the European carbon dioxide (CO2) business in decades." Cider and soft drinks are also affected.

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There's a business model to be had here, turning airborne, greenhouse-warming CO2 into food-grade, beer-worthy CO2.

posted by werty at 02:13 PM on June 27, 2018

Is bottle conditioning not worth the effort for commercial breweries?

posted by tron7 at 02:47 PM on June 27, 2018

They could always import German Beer.

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Werty has an idea that some stateside devils will consider dangerous, as their idea of a solution would be to send tankerloads of tariff-laden US ammonia across the North Atlantic to earn some extra coin off the misery of others.

Waiting for an eventual high office tweet that gloats over the notion that Brits aren't going to be able to drink beer or ride large American-made motorcycles anymore.

posted by beaverboard at 03:46 PM on June 27, 2018

Think of it this way: in 2022, the Brits will have abstinence skills that will stand them in good stead should they wish to luxuriate in the welcoming Doha climate during the next Cup. Nothing like replacing lost fluids with desalinated Gulf water and hot cardamom coffee.

Then everyone can come on back to North America in 2026, and we'll all tie one on like it's Christmas Eve in Trenton.

posted by beaverboard at 04:21 PM on June 27, 2018

Is there a worse time than the World Cup for a beer shortage to hit the U.K.?

In spring 2010 a few days before Easter, Rhode Island was hit with record torrential rains and flooding. TV news crews went out to interview washed out owners of homes and businesses. One reporter spoke to a liquor store owner who was so despondent that the reporter felt compelled to cheer him up.

"Come on, everything's going to be OK, the waters will recede, you've got insurance coverage and willing helpers, you'll be able to regroup and get this place reopened before too long, won't you?"

The store owner said: "You don't understand. If you can't sell liquor during Holy Week, when can you sell liquor?"

posted by beaverboard at 04:31 PM on June 27, 2018

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