January 02, 2018

NBA Pick 'Em Week 12: Auld Acquaintance Edition: Six games on the national tube to begin the New Year, beginning Wednesday night with Cleveland at Boston on ESPN. In the Pace Mannion NBA Pick 'Em, Ufez Jones retakes first at 301, followed by me at 293 and Howard_T at 253. Bender wins the week with 16. Make your picks and drink a cup of kindness yet.

This Week's Games

Cleveland at Boston on ESPN (Wednesday)
Oklahoma City at L.A. Lakers on ESPN (Wednesday)
Golden State at Houston on TNT (Thursday)
Oklahoma City at L.A. Clippers on TNT (Thursday)
Minnesota at Boston on ESPN (Friday)
Washington at Memphis on ESPN (Friday)

Teams playing more than once: Boston, Oklahoma City.

Last Week's Results

Boston 99, Houston 98 (1 < 1 < 1)
Portland 114, Philadelphia 110 (3 < 4 < 5)
Washington 121, Houston 103 (13 < 18 < 23)
Philadelphia 107, Denver 102 (3 < 5 < 7)

Player Scores

bender's picks

Houston by 6 [lock], -10 points
Portland by 5 [lock], 16 points
Washington by 5, 5 points
Philadelphia by 2, 5 points

Goyoucolts's picks

Boston by 6, 5 points
Portland by 7, 5 points
Houston by 11 [lock], -10 points
Philadelphia by 5, 10 points

Howard_T's picks

Houston by 12, 0 points
Houston by 14 [lock], -10 points
Philadelphia by 9, 5 points

NoMich's picks

Boston by 8, 5 points
Portland by 8 [lock], 10 points
Houston by 5, 0 points
Denver by 12 [lock], -10 points

rcade's picks

Houston by 7, 0 points
Portland by 7, 5 points

scooby10672's picks

Houston by 2 [lock], -10 points
Portland by 3, 8 points
Houston by 3 [lock], -10 points

tron7's picks

Houston by 7, 0 points
Portland by 11 [lock], 10 points
Houston by 3, 0 points
Denver by 9 [lock], -10 points

Ufez Jones's picks

Boston by 8, 5 points
Portland by 7, 5 points
Washington by 3, 5 points
Denver by 3, 0 points


PlayerTotal ScoreThis Week
Ufez Jones30115

Picks must be submitted in this discussion before the game's tipoff. So if you miss Tuesday games you can still choose the games for the rest of the week.

posted by rcade to basketball at 01:46 PM - 10 comments

When making picks, be sure to use the game schedule in each week's post. The NBA allows flex scheduling changes to put better games on national networks. This week the Minnesota/Boston game on Friday replaced New York/Miami.

posted by rcade at 01:53 PM on January 02

Cleveland by 4 (Wednesday)
Oklahoma City by 6 (Wednesday)
Houston by 5 (Thursday)
L.A. Clippers by 4 (Thursday)
SLAM Boston by 12 (Friday) SLAM
SLAM Washington by 9 (Friday) SLAM

posted by bender at 02:11 PM on January 02

Cleveland at Boston by 6 (Wednesday)
Oklahoma City by 12 at L.A. Lakers (Wednesday) - dunk
Golden State by 8 at Houston (Thursday)
Oklahoma City at L.A. Clippers by 8 (Thursday)
Minnesota at Boston by 10 (Friday) - dunk
Washington by 12 at Memphis (Friday) - dunk

posted by NoMich at 03:12 PM on January 02

Boston by 9 (Wednesday) - SLAM
Oklahoma City by 13 (Wednesday) - SLAM
Golden State by 13 (Thursday) - SLAM
L.A. Clippers by 6 (Thursday)
Boston by 8 (Friday) - SLAM
Washington by 7(Friday)

posted by tron7 at 04:30 PM on January 02

My son and I will be at the Cavaliers vs Celtics on Wednesday. Too bad Isaiah won't play, but Cavs are still imposing. Should be a fun game.


No IT for Cavs, and their defense is not good. Celtics can score with them and have a good perimeter D. Boston by 4

Lakers will be short handed. They might have to play the game without a Ball. Oklahoma City by 16 SLAM


The bearded one is out for a couple of weeks, but Chris Paul is back. Not enough. Golden State by 11 SLAM

Clippers just don't seem to have it together this year. Oklahoma City by 8


T-Wolves length is hard for Celtics to handle, but the Boston wing players can make up for it. Boston by 9

Grizzlies have very little going for them this season. Grit and Grind are gone. Washington by 13

posted by Howard_T at 10:59 PM on January 02

Cleveland by 7 (slam)

Oklahoma City by 11 (slam)

Golden State by 12 (slam)

Oklahoma City by 5 (Thursday)

Boston by 8 (slam)

Washington by 4

posted by Goyoucolts at 01:48 AM on January 03

Boston by 4 (SLAM) Wednesday

Oklahoma City by 4

Golden St by 2 (SLAM) Thursday

Oklahoma City by 2

Boston by 4 (SLAM) Friday

Washington by 2

posted by scooby10672 at 04:10 AM on January 03

Cleveland by 3
Oklahoma City by 10
Golden State by 8 <-- lock
L.A. Clippers by 4
Boston by 12 <-- lock
Memphis by 4

posted by rcade at 08:15 PM on January 03

Thunder over Lakers by 14 (slam)

posted by Ufez Jones at 09:35 PM on January 03

Golden State over Houston by 14 (slam)
OKC over the Clippers by 7
Boston over Minnesota by 12 (slam)
Washington over Memphis by 8

posted by Ufez Jones at 11:38 AM on January 04

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