December 01, 2017

CFL Playoff Pick 'Em, Final Standings: Sorry this is so late. The last thing I remember is giddily marching up Yonge Street with the Argos victory parade on Sunday night. Next thing I know it's Thursday morning and I'm waking up at the Fabricland in Newmarket. Nurse your hangovers and find out the results inside.

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The snow (and lots of it) slows down the offence to start the game as Calgary and Toronto trade touchdowns early. Calgary digs in and starts to pull ahead, but Toronto manages to keep it a one-score game through the third quarter. With five minutes left in the game, Calgary is up by eight and driving for a big insurance TD - but a fumble on Toronto's 9-yard line, recovered by the Argos, is run back for the game-tying touchdown.

That sets up the now-familiar Ricky Ray two-minute drill, and Hajrullahu hits the go-ahead field goal. Calgary gets the ball back with 53 seconds on the clock, and moves into field goal range. But on second down, Bo Levi Mitchell goes for the win and throws into the end zone - right into the hands of Matt Black, and Toronto celebrates their 17th Grey Cup win.

CGY @ TORMVP BonusO/U Bonus
ResultToronto by 3PoseyUnder
Margin of Error2 to 4

An upset and a WR MVP mean that we had our own low-scoring snow bowl, but Reever hangs tough to pull off the 2017 sweep. Congratulations Reever!

For the Costanza, a three-way time! I know we have a tiebreaker in the playoffs, but all three of you worked so darn hard for this, so I'm declaring it null and void. Congratulations to ic23b, Howard_T, and JPR!

SpoFiteCGY @ TORSMVPO/UPointsTotal Points
Reever Under19
rcade Under18
jjzucalToronto 17
DrJohnEvans Under17
cixelsydToronto4 26
argoal 06
tommytrumpToronto 15
jagsnumberone Under15
bender 04
tahoemoj 04
ic23b 03
Howard_T 03
JPR Under13

Thanks again to everyone for playing. See y'all in June!

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:05 AM on December 01

Fabric Land....FABRICLAND

Oh, and congratulations to Reever & the Three Amigos!

posted by tommytrump at 10:16 AM on December 01

thanks Pete for hosting another enjoyable playoff pool.

One tiny correction, it wasn't a fumble but rather a defensive strip by Gabriel, I believe.

posted by argoal at 03:09 PM on December 01

Congratulations Reever. Thanks to DrJohn.

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I was out all day and got in just in time to see Shania Twain perform in a snowstorm ... which, I presume, she's never done.

Watching the blockers running with Cassius Vaughn's 109-yard fumble return, I had one thought: "Get out of the way!" Thankfully, one went for a block, the others gave room, and my frown turned to a smile. You know the rest of the story.

The Eagles went to 10-1 and the Argos won the Grey Cup. All in all, it was a terrific day!

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all three of you worked so darn hard for this

Worked darn hard for the Costanza? Oh no, I was working hard to win this thing. I earned a share of the Costanza because I had absolutely no clue about what I was doing. Do I deserve a piece of the Costanza? Absolutely I do, but what is certainly true is that I had more than my share of fun in the participation. Congratulations to Reever on his well deserved win, and my thanks and appreciation to Dr. John for running this and all CFL contests here on SpoFi.

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I offer congratulations to Reever through my bitter, salty tears.

Thanks for running this and the regular season game, doctor! I've become an actual CFL fan because of your efforts, though my enthusiasm wanes after the NFL shows up and picks up again in the playoffs.

posted by rcade at 09:22 AM on December 02

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