July 31, 2017

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So yesterday was an unbelievable day for the sport of baseball:

The HOF inductions of Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, and Ivan Rodriguez.

The highlight for me was Tim Raines thanking his biggest fan, and the person that helped lead the sabremetric community to push for Raines induction into the HOF, Jonah Keri.

Adrian Beltre becomes the 31st player in history to reach 3000 hits, and the first Dominican-born player to achieve that level.
It's still not okay to touch his head.

The Toronto Blue Jays top off their greatest 9th inning comeback (down 6 runs, 10-4) with Steve Pearce's second walk-off-grand-slam of the past four days. This time, it was an "ultimate slam" as the Jays trailed by 3 runs when he hit it.
Side note: I was at the game!

The Los Angeles Dodgers just keep on winning, and this time Kyle Farmer hits the 2-run-come-from-behind-walk-off-double in the 11th inning on his very first major league plate appearance.

The Texas Rangers implemented the lesser known strategy of "buy high and sell low" as they flipped last year's deadline acquisition, Jonathan Lucroy (acquired for a top 20 prospect), for the dreaded player-to-be-named-later.

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Thus far, the rookie QB's Trubisky and Mahomes appear to be separated by an inverse distance far greater than eight draft slots.

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Terrific rundown, Grum. As a Rangers fan I feel like buy-high, sell-low has always been a weapon in our arsenal.

Headline on CNN today: "NFLer retires before playing game with new team."

When I saw it, I laughed and told myself, "It's going to be the Jaguars. It's going to be the Jaguars."

It is.

How can you not love this franchise?

posted by rcade at 01:11 PM on July 31, 2017

All the radio and TV calls of Slamming Steve Pearce's amazing moment yesterday.

Also, the Rangers have completed their reversal of last year's deadline deal by flipping the other part of the Lucroy deal, Jeremy Jeffress, back to the Brewers for minor league pitcher Tayler Scott.

If you're keeping track, in the end it looks like:

The Rangers traded:
Lewis Brinson (#16 prospect in 2016, #27 in 2017)
Luis Ortiz (#64 prospect in 2016, #79 in 2017)


Tayler Scott (over-aged AA pitcher with a sub 2.00 K/BB ratio)
474 PA of 89 OPS+ from Lucroy (and .167 OPS in 12 PA in the post-season)
54 IP of 98 ERA+ from Jeffress (and 1IP in the post-season)

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Finally, the Blue Jays twitter account has something to say about MLB twitter account's "top 5 plays of the week".

(They included Brett Gardner's two walk-offs, which were just a solo home run and a single, instead of Pearce's two walk-off grand slams.)

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