June 13, 2016

Penguins claim fourth Stanley Cup with 3-1 win over Sharks: The victory secured the teamís fourth championship and, in the process, etched June 12, 2016, alongside the most celebrated dates in franchise history.

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Bravo Pens. I feel badly for the unfortunate timing of their victory, which has caused them to be pushed far from the limelight by major concurrent tragic events.

That is completely understandable, but it's absurd that the Penguins have also been eclipsed by the Draymond - LeBron episode in the Sports section. That sort of bark mulching should never be the top story when there is excellence to cover.

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ESPN's punitive (non-)coverage of the NHL is one among several factors that have led me to effectively phase it out as a source of content. Basically am down to live sporting events I cannot get elsewhere and frankly have phased out a lot of that as well (more or less down to the international soccer tournaments, and I will take those on Spanish-language channels when I can).

Good on the Penguins.

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So I went back and looked at my preseason predictions for this year. Some were pretty good while some were way off/lol.

The Columbus Blue Jackets make the playoffs this year (but lose in the first round in a hard fought series).

Ovechkin and Crosby will not win a Cup and both will be blamed for their team's lack of winning one, though both will be in conversation for the Hart.

"My" New York Islanders will make it out of the first round of the playoffs, but their fanbase will still be bitter about the move to Brooklyn and the horrible seating arrangement at the Barclays.

Bettman will do something to solidify, once again, why he is considered (and rightfully so) the worst commissioner in all of North American sports.

Las Vegas will be announced as a expansion franchise, Quebec will have to wait (will Seattle get it instead?) to find out their fate until next offseason. (Personally, I think, it will come down to if any current franchises end up moving--like the Coyotes, because some owners want to see more travel balance for the teams out west)

The playoffs will score some of the highest TV ratings of the last 5 years but the Finals will flop in the ratings department.

Buffalo will not have the worst record in the league this year (but maybe second or third worst)

I will win the fantasy hockey league.

Nashville will be the "in" pick to win it all before the playoffs begin, but will fall short.

The Rangers will not win a playoff series.

After taking the Ducks to a classic seven game series, the Sharks go on to beat the Bruins in six to hoist the cup. These are my bold predictions for this year. (if you are near Vegas, go ahead and put money "against" all of these and you'll finish ahead/lol)

(taken from a post from earlier this year)

Blue Jackets/uggh Ovechkin, of course, was blamed, but Miss Crosby won it all The Isles did win a playoff series and played ok in the second round Bettman is, well, Bettman No final word on expansion, ...yet Ratings were not horrible Buffalo was improved but still sucked Yeah, not so much on the fantasy (had chance to make playoffs until final night of regular season, then, well not so much) I know quite a few people who picked the Preds The Rangers still suck regardless how good they may or may not be The Sharks almost did it (right colors wrong team for who they would be playing--how could I be so close with San Jose and so far with the Bruins?lol)

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Miss Crosby

Yeah, no.

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I have seen a lot of debate on Crosby winning the CS. Surprisingly, as much as I hate the Crosby hype machine, I actually don't think it was a bad choice. I would have loved for Kessel to win it just to see if the Centre of the Hockey Universe would have imploded.

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I thought Kessel would've been a great choice for the Conn Smythe, but according to my more stats oriented friends, Sid was a fine selexction.
As a Maple Leafs fan, I'm thrilled for Phil.

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Kessel played the best hockey of his career this playoffs on a 3rd line matched up against opponent's 3rd lines. Crosby played against the oppositions 1st line every series and still managed some pretty decent offensive stats. Up until the Penguins series the Sharks 1st line were absolutely dominant owning the puck in the opponent's zone. Crosby and his line completely shut them down.

If both players were available, who would you choose for your team - Crosby or Kessel?

Hold that, if you could choose any player in the league for your team, who would you take?


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The Sharks narrowly edge out the Ducks to win the Pacific, beat the playoff doldrums to reach the Cup finals, and then trip over their dicks and get swept..

So far, not bad!

...by the Islanders.

Not so much

Rookie of the year honors goes to the "field" rather than McDavid or Eichel. Let's say teenager Dylan Larkin by virtue of playing between Zetterberg and Abdelkader.

23 goals, 22 assists. 45 points. Top 3 in scoring on the Red Wings, All-Star representative. Not bad.

The Miami Redhawks men's hockey team will win the first national title in any sport for my 206-year old alma mater (flagrant homerism)

Ha ha ha ha ha....not so much.

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Looks like my Vegas prediction just needed to wait a couple of days.

Also, on the Miss Crosby comment, it's all in good fun. He's one of the best players in the League, no doubt about it, and is one of the main reasons they are sipping champagne from Lord Stanley's Cup in Pittsburgh.

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The NHL in Vegas...if the area Chamber of Commerce had anything to say about it, hockey fan Charles Barkley would be awarded an honorary minority ownership stake in the franchise. In recognition of his long standing support of the local economy.

When they put together the team's operational budget, they'll need to factor in armed guards to defend the ice surface against foragers after Lake Mead runs dry.

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