December 15, 2015

Pace Mannion NBA Pick 'Em Contest: Week 8: Six games on slate this week, tipping off at 8 p.m. Eastern Wednesday with Memphis at Chicago on ESPN. First prize in SportsFilter's NBA Pick 'Em contest is an official ABA game ball.

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ResultBOS by 5ATL by 3CHI by 3SAC by 2IND by 13SA by 22
Margin3 to 72 to 42 to 41 to 39 to 1715 to 29

Howard_T hits the slam dunk exactly for 30 points, leaping into first place. Tron7 gets all six games right and two scores within the margin. I drop in the standings despite a good week. A pox on your houses.

Ufez JonesBOSSACINDSA+++2539203


Pick the winner and spread for each game. Score 5 points if the team wins, 3 more points if your spread is close and another 2 if you hit the spread exactly.

At your option, make one game a slam dunk to triple your score in victory or lose 5 points in defeat.

Read the detailed rules on the first week's post.

If SportsFilter is down and you need to submit your picks, you can send them in email to me.

This Week's Games

Wed.Dec. 168 p.m. ETMemphis at ChicagoESPN
Wed.Dec. 1610:30 p.m. ETPhoenix at Golden StateESPN
Thu.Dec. 178 p.m. ETOklahoma City at ClevelandTNT
Thu.Dec. 1710:30 p.m. ETHouston at L.A. LakersTNT
Fri.Dec. 187 p.m. ETL.A. Clippers at San AntonioESPN
Fri.Dec. 189:30 p.m. ETNew Orleans at PhoenixESPN

A six-game week highlighted by Oklahoma City going to Cleveland with both teams leading their divisions and currently on hot streaks. The L.A. Clippers, starting to put things together, face a strong test in San Antonio, which is undefeated at home. Phoenix visits Golden State right after its first loss of the season. Impending retiree Kobe Bryant gets more TV time as Houston comes to Staples Center to play the 3-21 L.A. Lakers.

posted by rcade at 05:50 PM on December 15, 2015

Wed Dec 16
Chicago by 6
Golden State by 19 (dunk)

Thu Dec 17
Cleveland by 3
Houston by 12

Fri Dec 18
Spurs by 8
Phoenix by 9

posted by Ufez Jones at 09:58 AM on December 16, 2015

Dec. 16
Chicago by 10
Golden State by 13

Dec. 17
Oklahoma City by 6
Houston by 16 <-- phi slamma jamma

Dec. 18
San Antonio by 4
Phoenix by 3

posted by rcade at 02:05 PM on December 16, 2015

Wed Dec 16
Chicago by 7
Golden State by 10 - slam dunk

Thurs Dec 17
Oklahoma City by 5
Houston by 13

Friday Dec 18
San Antonio by 7
Phoenix by 8

posted by tron7 at 02:26 PM on December 16, 2015

I did not realize that I had hit the San Antonio spread on the nose. That's 2 spreads (Boston over Chicago by 5 was the other) in one week. The bad news is that 25% of my points have come in one week, which does not auger well for the future. We will press on nonetheless.

16 December
Chicago by 11
Golden State by 16 SLAMMING the start of a new streak.

17 December
Cleveland by 8
Houston by 15

18 December
San Antonio by 6
Phoenix by 13

Happy Beethoven's Birthday to all.

posted by Howard_T at 03:01 PM on December 16, 2015

December1 6:
CHI by 6
GSW by 12

December 17:
CLE by 6
HOU by 14

December 18:
SAS by 8
PHX by 8

posted by NoMich at 08:08 PM on December 16, 2015


Dec. 16
Chicago by 13
Golden State by 25

Dec. 17
Cleveland by 4
Houston by 20

Dec. 18
San Antonio by 8
Phoenix by 16

posted by rcade at 11:15 AM on December 17, 2015

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