December 02, 2015

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle:

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So the 76ers jacked up the prices for last night's Lakers game since it was Kobe's final hometown appearance.

Glad to see the fans got some quality entertainment out of it:

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Kobe Tiger Peyton Jaromir

All of them might be done by April 2016, and all of them are top 10 all-time competitors in their sports.

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Kobe might fall out of the list if he keeps playing this season.

"I could sense they were like, 'I really don't want to touch him.' ... 'Is this going to be an 81 type of situation?'" Bryant said.

They must be the stupidest players in the world if that was a concern.

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University of Minnesota's Peter Mortell wins prestigious Holder of the Year award.

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One of the Boston Celtics' retired numbers has passed away at 85 years. Jim Loscutoff, who was on the Celtics for 7 NBA championships is the only Celtic whose retired number banner bears his nickname rather than his number.

Loscutoff came to the Celtics one year before Bill Russell. This ten-year-old fan was excited because he promised to add the rebounding that Boston had sorely lacked. Of course, Loscutoff was only 6'5", but he had a big body and was able to position himself well. My dad and I were in the Garden one night when he set the rebounding record for the building. The record was broken in the next season by Bill Russell, and I was there for that one too. So why his nickname rather than his number on the banner? Loscutoff wore the number 18, which seemed to be a number for Boston "bigs". The prior holder of 18 was Bob Brannum, a pretty good power forward in his own right. After Loscutoff the number passed to Dave Cowens. No further explanation is needed for why "Loscy" is on the banner, and the 18 is for Cowens.

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Mark Richr has apparently agreed to be fired by the Miami Hurricanes in three years after kicking a potential Heisman winner off the team for an as-yet-undetermined crime.

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